Kingdom hearts memory forgoten.

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Kingdom hearts memory forgoten.

Chapter one: Weirdness

Xemnis:This is you're new name.
Xemnis left from a weird black portal as folwx woke up in his new house knowing nothing about what happend thinking he was just new in this place called twilight town.

At mornight folwx woke up in his house
Folwx:Ugh! My back.
Folwx went outside and saw this weird a gate open and he went in to find 4 others
???:Get out of here this is owr spot!
Folwx:What did i do!
???:Leave him alone hayner! hello i am ollete nice to meet you.And Ты are?
Folwx:I am folwx.
???:Hey i am pence!
???:I am roxas
Hayner:So Ты are new around here right? Well that does not mean Ты can just go around wherever Ты want!
Folwx:Ok i did not mean to bother Ты guys, so i beter go then.
Ollete:Wait, Ты dont have to just leave sometime hayner is rude but dont let him make Ты feel bad!
Folwx:Still i should go prob so see ya maybe we can talk someother time.
Folwx:What is it?
Roxas:I dont know.Something just came over me just forget it.
Folwx:Ok,but one еще thing if Ты guys want.
Folwx:If i buy us some ice cream can we go somewhere to talk!?
Hayner Roxas Pence Ollete:Yeah!
Hayner:I know,lets go sit at the tower Ты might fear it a first but once we go еще Ты wont fear it anymore.
Folwx:We will go again?
Ollete:Why not we can do it dayly.
Folwx: If we have the munny!
Folwx got the ice creams and went to the tower to meet his new friends.
Hayner:You really came i was thinking after all this time Ты would have eaten them all by yourself.
Folwx Hayner Pence Ollete Roxas: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
It became night after they eat ice cream and talked then they all whent Главная having had a good night.

Kingdom hearts memory forgoten

Chapter 2: the new friends:

Folwx woke up looking in his mirror his hair looks like clouds (wait who is облако i guess i am just makeing up names) thought folwx he has one green eye and one blue.
He got and ran out the door going down to see his new friends. He ran though the gate to see they were not there they had left a note that сказал(-а) < we went to the sandlot there is a tournament we going to be in rute for us> Folwx ran to the sandlot to see them lucky him he was on time for the first round Hayner VS. Roxas

Pence: witch one will Ты rute for?
Ollete:Both of them silly!
Folwx:We can still pick one for fun.
Ollete:I dont see the point we still dont care who wins thow right?
Folwx:Yes!Of corse.
Folwx for some resson wanted roxas to win he had no idea why like he knew him from befor it was a long fight but in the end the winner was ROXAS!!!
Pence:Bravo roxas!
Ollete:Good job roxas!
Hayner:Ugh i can't belive i lost!

So then it was Sifer VS. Vivi
Folwx:Who are sifer and vivi?
Hayner:You dont know sifer's gang?
He took the whole fight explaining.
Sifer has withdrawn in the struggle tournament leaving hayner in 3rd place says the ref.
Hayner:Wow i'm in 3rd!? Yes!
Sifer:Thats not vivi!
Folwx:Ok then.
Folwx:You're note сказал(-а) there was a tournament not anything about struggle, what is that?
Hayner:Lets say its like a fight with the blue batish things they hit each other they each have there own color orbs Ты hit them and they drop orbs whoever has the most orbs befor time runs out wins!
Hayner:Easy to say.
Далее fight is Roxas VS. Vivi
We once again watched roxas won and when vivi walked away it looked like he turned in to something white but folwx must have been seeing things
???:It was a dusk
folwx:Who сказал(-а) that?
Roxas:Said what?
folwx:Nothing forget it.
Folwx:Ollete tell me what happens Далее fight tomarow i am going to go Главная to sleep i am tired i could not sleep.
Ollete:Ok see ya later folwx.
folwx:See ya!
folwx went Главная thinking about how he kinda liked ollete
???:Really her
Folwx:who сказал(-а) that!
folwx swung his hand as this weird thing come its a key no its a blade
???:Its a keyblade dofus!
it disaperes from his hand
Folwx: where did it go!
Folwx:Ghost voise thing where did it go!
he gave up and went Главная and went to sleep dreaming of a difrend voise
Roxas:Hayner Pence Ollete Folwx!
Folwx:Leave him alone!

Kingdom hearts memory forgoten
Chapter 3:Revealed

Folwx:Goodmorning world.
Folwx went outside to see his Друзья they were not past the gate again.He found them at the place with the work board clost to the stashion.Pence and Ollete were asking Roxas something then Pence and Ollete left.
Roxas:Did she go to that abandon mashion?
Folwx fallowed Roxas to a weird hole and inside there was a forest and there was also a manshion!
Folwx:Roxas who do Ты think is here?
Roxas:Wha! Oh folwx um Ты would not belive me
Folwx:Yes i would.
Roxas:There have been weird things happening to me like everything around me stops exsept me and some guys in black the first time this time it was a girl named Namine
Folwx:I belive you!Things have been weird with me too i am hearing weird voises!
Roxas:Behind you!
A weird white silverish thing was behind folwx and he ducked and it went over him
???:Its another dusk use the keyblade!
Folwx:Wha..who сказал(-а) that!
Roxas picks up a stick and it turns into a keyblade
Folwx holds out his ands and in a blink a keyblade flashes into his hand
Folwx:See!Your not the only one!
Roxas:Well get them befor they get us!
Folwx goes at a dusk and slips around his and as the dusk was looking for him he slashed the dusk into munny and nothingness roxas liked the idea he did the same
Roxas:Nice move!
Folwx:Lets call it the reversal!
They got a little scratched up but they were find after they got them all
Folwx:The others will think we are crazy once we tell them and if we showthem it will be to much in one time like it is for us!
Folwx:If Ты give me the money Ты got from the dusk i will buy us ice cream for the tower
Folwx:The silver thing.
Roxas:Ok,Dusk sounds like a good name for them.Here is the munny!
Folwx:Thanks!You find the others ill be waiting there!
Roxas went and found Hayner Pence and Ollete
Folwx went and got the ice creams and waited at the tower and then they all came and sat with there legs hanging off the tower
Hayner:Where have Ты guys been all day?
Folwx:Fighting monsters.
Hayner:Yeah whatever.
Folwx:What roxas?
Roxas:Um our ice creams?
Folwx:Oh yeah!
folwx hands them all there ice creams.
Hayner Pence Ollete Roxas:Thanks!
roxas almost fell if it was not for folwx who held him so he would not fall
Folwx:Close one!
Roxas:Um yeah.
They all finished there ice creams and went home!
???:Folwx tomorow is you're last day! It may be possable for us both to live at once but Ты have to be there at least for a while to wake me up.
Folwx:Who are you!
Folwx:Talk to me!
Folwx went to постель, кровати dreaming about what his last день ment he was kinda afraid in a way but he wanted to think it was just a dream but was it?

Kingdom hearts memory forgoten
Chapter 4:Time

Folwx woke up as normal he went outside this time there was a man in a black coat
Folwx:This is what roxas was talking about.
the man in a black пальто started walking torwds him he got on a skateboard and then.
Folwx:What do Ты want with me!What do Ты want with Roxas!
???:Right now its just Ты cause i can't do 2 at once
Folwx:Who are you
???:I'm Axel got it memorized
folwx:Um yeah.
Axel:Well then lets go!
Folwx:Give me a little еще time just to see my Друзья for the last time please!
Axel:Today is your lucky день we will call Ты later.
Axel:You will see.
Folwx ran to see his Друзья for the last time he found them and talked
Pence:folwx look what roxas gave us!
he gave them colored little glass orb things from his struggle trophy
Roxas:Sorry that i could not give Ты one there are only 4
Folwx:No problem!
Roxas:Did i fall off the tower yesterday?
Hayner:If Ты did Ты would not be here.
Pence:That was a close one thogh if folwx was not there Ты would be dead!
Roxas:Yeah must have imagend it.
Folwx:Guys this is that last time i will see Ты in a while.
Folwx:Cause i have to go somewhere.
Hayner:Where somewhere?
Folwx:To a creepy place with a guy in a black пальто named axel!
Hayner:Yeah whatever.
(Roxas come to the tower!)
Roxas:Did Ты hear that!
Hayner:Hear what.
Deep voise:Folwx go to the tower also!
Deep voise:.....
Folwx went to the tower as he did not know infront of him was roxas folwx went the door was unlocked he went in and saw a room opened it it leed to a downstairs room with a whole bunch of smashed screens he went еще and saw some person in something like a egg brown hair blue eyes also a утка and a weird dog hybrid thing.
Folwx:Who are they?
???:Sora,Donald and Goofy
Folwx:Who are you!
he kept going and found a room a guy raped in red tolet paper was standing there
Folwx:Thats just a very cheap imatation of a mummy.
Deep voise:Silence!
???:Thats Diz.
Folwx:Diz what are Ты going to do to me?
Diz:Nothing Ты will remember.
Folwx:Are Ты gonna put me in a egg?
Diz:A what?
Folwx:An egg!
Diz:I have no idea what Ты are talking about and i do not care go to the light now.
Folwx:You mean the egg.
Diz:Silence!Now go!
Folwx:To the egg?
Diz:Yes!To the egg!or whatever.
Folwx:well where is the whatever cause i dont want the egg.
Diz:Wha!ARGH!Silence and go to the egg!
Folwx:Now it was not that hard to say was it now.
folwx went up to the egg или whatever that thing was and jumped in
Folwx:Dont die dont die!

Kingdom hearts memory forgoten
Chapter 5:Wolf