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We immediately arrive in Hollow Bas- I mean, The Radiant Garden.

"Let's go find Leon and everyone," Sora said, and along the way to Merlin's house, we saw just how much this place has improved.
When we came to the house, Sora opened the door and went in before Kairi and I could stop him and tell him to knock first.

"Hey, everybody!" Sora shouted to everyone, and they all jumped.

"Huh? Sora..." Leon mumbled after he jumped.

"Jeez, Sora! Ever heard of knocking?" Yuffie asked him and he smiled sheepishly.

"We're here because King Mickey sent us a message saying Ты needed to tell us something...?" I said, stepping in.

Leon nodded. "Right," he spoke, and got up and walked to us.

"The Heartless seem to be... searching for something, at least we think." Leon explained.

"What do Ты mean?" Sora asked.

"The Heartless have been poppin' up everywhere, and then they just disappear." Cid told us, sitting at his computer.

Sora and I share a look, understanding that the Heartless must be up to something...

"We think they may be after something," Aerith сказал(-а) in a concerned tone. "Something that may have to do with Kingdom Hearts."

We all turn to face her with shock plainly written in our features.

"Are Ты serious?" Sora asked, sounding like the most shocked out of all of us.

Aerith nods her head gravely.

"Someone may be controlling them from the shadows," Leon told us, and just then, we see Heartless summon outside the house since we left the door open.

"Heartless!" Sora shouted, running toward them and I follow him.

Once we get outside, we notice that Kairi had followed us too.

"Kairi! It's too dangerous out here, go back inside!" Sora told her, worried.

Kairi shakes her head.

"No, where one goes the others follow, remember Sora?" Kairi сказал(-а) stubbornly.

"But..." Sora mutters back, still worried about her safety, but I had a plan.

"She can use this," I offered Kairi the same Keyblade she used in the World That Never Was.

She took it and gazed at it.

"Oh, this is the same one from before..." she murmurs, but then gets in a fighting stance.

"Are Ты sure..." Sora still persisted but Kairi just charges at a Heartless and easily takes it out.

"C'mon!" she tells us, turning to look at us.

Sora and I share a look, then shrug, and then charge at the Heartless as well.
We were fighting mainly Shadows, the lowest rank, but then Deserter's showed up and began running everywhere so we had to chase them down.

"There's еще over here, Riku!" I heard Sora shout from the Bailey area, where him and Kairi were fighting now.

I jumped to where they were and helped them finish off the last of the Heartless. But then, a Commander heartless appeared in front of us.

And that's when a girl appeared and sliced right through the Heartless with a Keyblade similar to Sora's, only it was black and white. And the girl even reminded me of Sora, only she seemed... different, in a way...

But how can she have a Keyblade? Who IS she?

Sayuri's P.O.V.

They kept staring at me until the spiky, brown-haired boy stepped up.

"Hey, so, um..." He began scratching his head and I noticed that his voice is the one I heard before. "Thanks and all for your help, but who are you?"

I smiled, they seemed like nice people.

"I'm Sayuri, and Ты all are...?"

The boy smiled back, probably sensing that I was nice too.

"I'm Sora, and these are my two best friends, Riku and Kairi." He pointed to them each as he сказал(-а) their names.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you." I told them and the girl, Kairi, smiled at this.

"Hi, so are Ты from around here?" she asked me in a friendly and sweet voice.

"No... I just got here..." I murmured, looking down.

"Why do Ты have a Keyblade?" I heard the most softest and husky voice ask and I looked up and met the other boy's - Riku - eyes.

"Riku - Эй, wait, why do Ты have one?" Sora asked me, but I was confused.

"Keyblade? What, Ты mean this?" I summoned my Key. "That's what it's called?"

"Yeah, Ты mean Ты didn't know?" Sora asked me and I shake my head.

"But I would like to know what world I'm in and everything," I сказал(-а) to them.

"Then we should head back to Merlin's house, there we can answer your questions," Riku said, keeping his eyes on me as I walked with them back to this 'Merlin's house.'

I walked in after them and saw that there was a small group of people already inside.

"Huh? Who's this?" A petite girl with short black hair came right up to me and she honestly reminded me of a ninja.

"This is Sayuri, we met her at the Bailey," Sora сказал(-а) and then the girl smiled at me.

"Hi Sayuri! I'm Yuffie! It's nice to meet ya," she сказал(-а) optimistically.

"And I'm Cid, it's a pleasure to meet you, little lady." The guy with blond hair who was sitting at a computer сказал(-а) to me.

"The pleasure's all mine," My 'princess' manners were still with me it seemed as I curtsied to him - a little princess bow.

The woman sitting down at a таблица who was very beautiful smiled at me.

"I'm Aerith, and the two over there is Leon and Merlin," she pointed out the tall guy with brown hair and then the elderly man wearing a long blue robe.

"So what brings Ты to The Radiant Garden?" Leon asked me.

"The Radiant Garden? Um... not sure really, I just ended up here..." I trailed off, wondering what all I should tell these people.

"Well, what world are Ты from?" Yuffie asked me.

"Yuffie!" Leon scolded her as if she wasn't suppose to say that.

"I'm from Keylexia," I went ahead and just answered.

They all looked at me with questioning eyes.

"And where is that?" Leon asked for everyone.

"I'm not really... sure..." I murmured, looking away as I became Остаться в живых in my thoughts.

"Well it must be far away judging from how worn out your dress is," Kairi сказал(-а) and I looked down at my dirt-covered, torn white dress.

"Oh, right." I agreed.

The Merlin guy clapped his hands like he just had an idea.

"I know a couple of good Феи who can help Ты out and make Ты a brand new outfit," he told me but all I could seem to think was fairies?!

"Oh!" Sora suddenly spoke. "You mean Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, right?" he asked optimistically.

Merlin nodded. "Right Ты are, Sora!" Now, dear, are Ты ready to go?" He held out his hand.

I wasn't sure on what to do and I saw Kairi nod encourangingly at me and so I stepped вперед and took Merlin's hand.

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