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Alright, I got two partners for Dani for my Version of Kingdom Hearts(a fanfic) I just need 1 person to be the bad guy's(Gerard Way) assistant and a few people to be just some characters who help on the journey. Just give me this

Which Position:
Picture или Bio of Character:
Болталка Character's Part: (just incase if Ты want to be some Болталка person to help on the journey, type down what they will do for the journey(like Leon and the others did)

Please, I just need a few еще people D:

 16falloutboy posted Больше года
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lux2 said:
Name: Lenex
age: 19
Weapon: the black divide (keyblade)
Personality: loves to have fun! Will supot any one even tho he is half human half nobody. He likes good jokes and he tryes to think of
His past
Gender: male
Position: good, finds the main character, in trouble and helps him out of a horible situation.
Bio: wears the black suit were ever he goes. He is a failed experament the nobodys tried. (Wich brings me to the point were he is half human half nobody) he has green eyes, and blue hair. He wairs black shoes. He also weres a neckless with a трещина, сплит x wich looks like >.

I kind of want to meet Ты when your ether hanging of the side of a cliff(si i can help Ты out) или we can have a battle and when Ты defeat me Ты realize i dont faid and is diffrent then the other organizaton im number 14
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posted Больше года 
NintendoFreak04 said:
Name: Apphixsre *Af-fix-er-ree*
Weapon: Master Keyblade (master sword keyblade)
Personality: She's kind to all. Likes to brightens everyone's день and help the people around her. She understands most people so she's the person that people talk to for comfort. Can be flamboyant but is very modest most of the time. She is very level-headed and leader when i comes to missions или tasks. Shes also very comedic and funny. She loves Музыка and sings beautifully.
Gender: female
Position: Twilight and with Organization XIII или in this case Gerard Way (he's awesome ^-^)
Controls twilight nobodies.
Bio:She is very beautiful so lots of people like her, ALOT. Herr best element is water and Astroes (stars, meteors, planest, comets, etc)Her eyes are aquamarine and had a very feminine figure. (like samus)She has toned, curly/wavy brown hair with blonde highlights. Used to wear Organization 13 пальто now wears dark green tight button рубашка thats buttoned from only the middle. She has хаки colored cargo short shorts with a pocket нож in one pocket and a small hand gun in the other. She wears small heeled brown leather knee-high boots. She wears brown leather steel gauntlets and bright blue feather earrings. She controls all elements and has a wide variety of powers so have fun giving her any powers Ты want! She can summon any animal to help her battle. Her избранное are the wolf, harpy eagle, and orca whale. She can perform witchcraft spells and rituals for anything and when she does, her eyes glow. Sometimes if angered alot alot или if she has to, her eyes turn red and grows sharp fangs and black veins under her eyes and acts like a demon(Like Saix lol) She can also summon twilight monsters. If your including the first answerer, then im number 15 in the organization. Sorry again i just wanted a clear image of my character. So sorry! :(
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posted Больше года 
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