Is anyone going to the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Launch Event (California)?

There is one also in Лондон in the UK, but I'm primarily asking about the one in California in the US. I managed to secure an invitation/ticket (along with two of my friends) and I wanted to know if someone from Fanpop would be going, cause it might be cool to see Ты guys!

It's Далее Monday, December 1st :)

Ooooh lala! Too late now :) Well, who WENT anyways (I had a crap ton of fuuuuun ♥)
IamMio posted Больше года
 IamMio posted Больше года
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Zeppie said:
Aw man, Ты got to go? Lucky!!
Must've been so awesome :)
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posted Больше года 
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