If Akame from Akame Ga Kill! appeared in a Kingdom Hearts Game, what enemies do Ты think might be immune to her Teigu Murasame?

Akame's Teigu, Murasame, can inflict a lethal poison that kills people and Животные with just one cut.
Besides stuff like organic teigu, armor, undead beings, machines, and any being fused with a sage's stone, I can think of a number of characters and objects that could be immune to it:
◦◦Toys, like Stinky Pete and Lotso-o'-Huggin' медведь from the Toy Story franchise, because they're toys.
◦◦The Gods from Disney's Hercules, such as Hades, it's because they're gods.
◦◦If Toons from Who Framed Roger Rabbit appeared, they might survive getting cut by murasame because the poison is not dip(the chemical made by Judge Doom), the only other way to kill them is making them die of laughter.
◦◦The Liquidator could survive as he's completely made of water.
◦◦Programs, such as Sark and Clu from the Tron franchise, might survive as they're formed by code.
◦◦Puppets(As in Показать puppets).
◦◦Snowmen, such as зефир from Frozen.
◦◦Bushroot(He can can abandon one husk and grow himself a new body.)
◦◦The Unversed
 MisterH posted Больше года
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