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Here in thsi Статья i will be talking about the differences of the two kissxsis series and why i like like both.

first kissxsis the tv series

Kissxsis the tv series was way off track however it did cover alot of the story most events that happened happened improperly i will give exsamples. First exsample the chapter where Ako and Riko convinced the parents to buy the computer. In the Аниме Keita was there and he won the computer in a sweepstakes. секунда exsample he graduates to their school at the very end instead of at the mid behining. However the worst thing is flashbacks to events not shown...
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posted by ginei_werewolf
Ako suminoe is the oldest of keita's twin step sisters.
Ako is the sister who always wears hair clips in her hair. She is the sister i call the "Closet pervert"
unlike Riko she isn't blunt with her Ответы she hides everything. Ako is the еще shy sister however she isn't public Любовь shy in public yes I know how confusing. At school Ako is better than Riko at just about everything including math , history , English , and just about everything else excluding biology, and p.e. While being really smart she is also the school's student council's president,2 While she may act all nice and sweet she has very high achohal tolerance, She has been known to trick 22Riko into drinking on special occasions to have Keita to her self. However somehow this always backfires because Keita never remembers it. Now the main reason i call her the closet pervert.2 Ako has the biggest porno collection I have ever seen I mean damn lol.

Anything Ты think i should add comment.
posted by ginei_werewolf
Riko Suminoe is the younger of Keita's twin step sisters.
There are two ways to distinguish Riko Suminoe from Ako suminoe one of them is that Riko wears her hair up in a ponytail that however is not 100% accurate due to the fact when she is asleep или whatever she wears her hair down. Furthermore the best way to tell the the bandage she wears on the left side of her face. Riko is the less perverted sister however she is honest and еще blunt with her Ответы making people flip out often. While she may be honest she is Любовь shy in public and believes Любовь should be done in secret not in public. Riko unlike her sister ako has bad achohal tolerance and passes out fairly easy Ako has use this to try to get ahead. Riko is better than Ako at p.e and biology however she got into the school by rolling a lucky pencil. ven that being so in middle school and high school she is and has been head of the disciplinary committee.
futari no Honey-Boy Shy-Boy aijou hanbunko
onaji yane no shita de itsumo

se mo takaku natta yo ne
seichou ga ureshii yo oneechan wa
kore kara wa amaetai
nukegake wa shicha dame dakara

otouto ni koi HONKI de Любовь shichatte imasu iijan
sono egao o hitorijime shitaku naru no

ohayou no KISU sasete negao ni muchuu MU CHU CHU
onaji yane no shita de itsumo
futari no Honey-Boy Shy-Boy aijou hanbunko
kimi no mirai mimamorasete

takumashiku natta yo ne
amaenbou datta no ni natsukashii ne
ano goro no omoide wa
itsumademo takaramono da yo

otouto na no ni DOKIDOKI сердце yuuwakushitai uzu uzu
shiroku jichuu tokimeki ga tomaranai...
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