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This Котята фото might contain персидская кошка and персидский кот.

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IF Ты already have an older cat in the house Показать him/her that he/she is superior to the kitten. If this does not happen the older cat will grow to hate the kitten.

Котята Любовь attention and want as much as possible but if the older cat is in the room, Ты must pay attention to the older cat. Even if Ты want to pet the kitten Ты must pay attention to the cat.

Котята don't need as much Еда as older Кошки so Ты really only have to feed them when Ты have meal times.

Котята are very entergetic animal so Ты can not keep them capitve in your arms, they will hurt themselves. Also keep anything off the floor that Ты don't want broken. They tend to play with them.

I know this things because I myself have a kitten and cat. When they first saw each other they hissed and spit, but now they are best buds that only get on each others nerves sometimes ;D
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Information: I tried to post this yesterday, but evil Fanpop hates me so yeah. (You may have heard me screehing about it on the Fanpop club) Anyway, so I had to do this for school btu everyone loved it in my class so I decided to post it here. Hope Ты like it! (And don't yell at me if Ты don't please, I know it's not very good.)

Haku and the River

Alexandrea, Riely, Kittehn, Cally, and Haku all lived with their mother, Dezyrai, in Mrs. Tabitha's small blue house on the corner of Twolegplace. But yesterday some unfamilar people took Kittehn and Alexandrea away. "Where are they Mama?" Cally...
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