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I forgot the Название of a Korean drama about cousin's betrayal in order to become the heir

So here are some of the scenes that I can retrieve from the back of my mind (but sadly can't remember the title!)

The story somewhat begins with two cousins (men) staying abroad (I forgot for what reasons) and one of the cousins (A) saw a girl on a улица, уличный and was fascinated with her beauty and drew her. He somehow didn't get to find out who the girl is. Then he met the same girl again at a bar and found out the girl is working as a bartender there. When he was just about to start a conversation with the girl, the girl received a call regarding her father and she flew back to Korea. Then the 2 cousins went on a sailing trip and plenty of the cousins (B) pushed A into the sea. Thinking A was already dead, B returned to Korea to tell A's family about the tragic news. Then the story goes on ........

PLEASE HELP! Me and my sister totally forgot about the Название and we did everything like googling the synopsis (as above) and we couldn't find anything! We are starting to think that we watched this drama in our dreams. T.T

 edapooh posted Больше года
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ArcticWolf said:
Rooftop Prince?
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posted Больше года 
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