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the penguins of madagascar
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This Kowalski фото might contain знак, плакат, текст, классной доски, and доске.

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A: Always has the best quotes

B: Bad temper about simple things

C: Cocky

D: Dances like a dream

E: Eyes can grow adorably huge

F: Funny

G: Girly scream

H: Hot

I: Intelligent

J: Just sings like world-class baritone

K: Kowalski. Even his name catches the eye

L: Любовь escapes him

M: Masquerades as the Throbbing Cerebellum

N: Nerds, who doesn’t Любовь them?

O: Overly risky with his experiments

P: Plans the perfect options

Q: Quite fatherly to Private

R: Really shows-off

S: Single; because Doris doesn’t Любовь him...

T: Tall

U: Utterly awesome

V: Voice like a symphony

W: When he is stupid, he is even еще funny

X: X-tremely logical

Y: Ты could get Остаться в живых in those blue eyes...

Z: Zealous for candy
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it's a sunny день on the beach. Skipper, Kowalski and private are sunbathing with ironblades in their flippers. Suddenly Kowalski heard a cry for help, their was a little girl in the water nearly drowning.He dives into the water and saw she was unconscious, he grabbed her hand and took her to his chest to swim to the beach. On the пляж, пляжный Skipper saw Kowalski carried an lifeless girl in his flippers and laid her on the sand. Skipper asked what's happened with her? Kowalski checked her pulse and breathing, but there was none. He began CPR, he сказал(-а) compressing her thorax:" Skipper she nearly drowned and i don't know she will make it!" He breathe in and put his mouth to hers and breathe out in her lungs, he did this and hour, the girl coughed up water and her vision cleared up and murmured: penguin?
I must go!!!! Bye
The end
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