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Stage Name: Eeteuk/Leeteuk (meaning “special”)
(he wanted a name like Kangta, Hyesung and Junjin but then changed it to Eeteuk.Leeteuk)
Real Name: Park Jungsu/Park Jungsoo
Nicknames: teukie, duck
Birthday: July 1, 1983
Origin: South Korea
Height: 178cm (I swear…he’s shorter than that…)
Weight: 59kg
Blood Type: A

Stage Name: Heechul
Real Name: Kim Heechul
Nickname: Cinderella, Hee-nim
Birthday: July 10, 1983
Origin: Gangwon Province, South Korea
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: AB (no, he’s not weird…he’s special ^^)

Stage Name: Hankyung
Real Name: Han Geng
Nickname: Beijing Fried Rice
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posted by rorovipz

1 - Sungmin (Super Junior), Hanjun (TOUCH)

5 - Yoseub (BEAST)

7 - ZE:A [2010]

8 - F.Cuz [2010]

10 - Park Ga Jin (JQT)

11 - Hyorin (SISTAR)

12 - Sunday (CSJH)

13 - Hara (KARA)

14 - CN BLUE [2010]

15 - Junsu (2PM)

17 - Awin! (TheAbracadabras), Kangin (Super Junior)
Kiseop (U-Kiss)
Gayeon (HAM)
After School [2009]

18 - Jiyoung (KARA) , Minji (2NE1)

20 - Kwanghaeng (Co-Ed School)

22 - TheAbracadabras [2010]
Jinseok (SHU-I)

25 - Junho (2PM)
Joo Min Sun (JQT)

26 - Jaejoong (DBSK)
Hyungjun (SHU-I)

30 - Alia! (TheAbracadabras)


1 - Azra! (TheAbracadabras)
Minho (SHU-I)...
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I haven't writen any K-pop Статьи yet so I thought that this would be a great place to start. And believe me, with so many great K-pop songs it was hard to just pick 100! This will be in countdown order.

Honorable Mentions: Honrable: 5 Dolls' Like This Like That, Read Velvet's Happiness, Tahiti's Hasta Luego, ZE:A's Here I Am, Lip Service's Too Fancy, and UKiss' Baby Don't Cry.

100. BTS' N.O
99. Crispi Crunch's Thumbs Up
98. Shinee's Ready или Not
97. CL's Dj
96. Wonder Girl's Like This
95. Rainbow's Gossipgirl
94. MBLAQ's I Don't Know
93. PSY's Father
92. Spica's Up And Down
91. Super Junior's Mr Simple...
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posted by Sasunaru120
Source: Allkpop

It looks like Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon will finally be paying the consequences of his performance at his first solo концерт last year.

Last год at his Shine A Light concert, G-Dragon performed as planned but spiced up his stages as he dry-humped Aimee Lee Lucas on a stand-up постель, кровати and sang two songs that were strictly forbidden to be heard by minors. Not only that but the концерт did not have a higher age restriction at 19+. Instead, anyone over 12 was allowed to attend. After a dark forecast, it looks like YG Entertainment‘s apology won’t get G-Dragon away scot-free,...
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posted by lovely_dawn
I'm sorry if your Избранное K-pop girl group wasn't included. I only included the famous and very active girl group this month. Mianhae!!!

TT - 284,778,712 Просмотры - 23 Oct 2016

BOOMBAYAH - 250,343,446 Просмотры - 8 Aug 2016

CHEER UP - 225,551,255 Просмотры - 24 Apr 2016

LIKE OOH AHH - 203,868,861 Просмотры - 19 Oct 2015

I GOT A BOY - 201,255,169 Просмотры - 31 Dec 2012

GEE - 195,043,672 Просмотры - 8 Jun 2009

AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST - 182,041,953 Просмотры - 22 Jun

THE BOYS - 175,854,733 Просмотры - 18 Oct 2011

PLAYING WITH огонь - 169,217,658 Просмотры - 31 Oct 2016

WISTLE - 161,037,453 Просмотры - 8 Aug 2016

KNOCK KNOCK - 152,729,013 views...
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 Yes, Ты just wish Ты were as cute as Outsider.
Yes, you just wish you were as cute as Outsider.
I Любовь GD&TOP and I cannot lie. If I сказал(-а) сказал(-а) that I didn't, I'd probably be stuck down by heaven. Because, come on, gorgeous and talented? I had no chance from the start. That being said, there are some less well-known rappers that are also well worth your time. If you're a Последнее rap-addict like I am, или a seasoned connoisseur, these are a few artists worth a listening ear.

10. Noise MOB

If you're into a wilder style, with crazy accent bits and a good driving drum line, I recommend Noise MOB. A duo of rappers Minos and RHYME-A-, they were very influential in planting the foundations of...
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1. Письмо "BTS" on every YouTube video
2. Trashing Suho and Chen (EXO) for a Scandal for the fun of it.
3. Calling Monsta X.. Monster X and making fun of their name
4.Making fun of EXO's name as well calling them EGOO.
5. Trashing an underrated group name Seven O Clock because their debut video filter looked too much like a BTS video.
6. Reported GOT7 most Последнее comeback video to try to get it taken down.
7. Trashes BlackPink because they model for Puma like BTS
8.Trashes GOT7 again saying Puma is еще relevant then Adidas(GOT7 Модели for Adidas)
9. Trashes Super Junior and calls them flops.
10. Calls...
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Hi everyone!

So I started listening to K-pop a little over a год ago, but I really dragged myself into it recently, and I thought it'd be fun to compile a Список of my Избранное songs. This was initially going to be a вверх 100, but I decided just ranking the songs I liked best was going to be easier than trying to rank 100 songs that I liked.

Anyhow, I listened to a ton of songs to make this Список (including OSTs and covers :P), but there's always a chance that a song I missed could have ended up on my list, so Ты guys can feel free to put down stuff in the Комментарии :)

Here we go!

50. Congratulations...
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 YG logo
YG logo







Akdong Musician (AKMU)





I didn't created most of the clubs, just some. I putted all клубы together so people would find them easier
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posted by zanhar1
I've been on a bit of a K-Pop binge lately and part of that has been really listening to the songs and vocals and picking out who has the most pleasing voice to me, personally. That idol ends up becoming my bias. I typed this Статья to kind of help me keep track of who my bias from each band is, considering that there are just so many K-pop bands and idols out there lol.

2NE1: Minzy
SNSD: Jessica
Super Junior: Heechul
Bigbang: T.O.P
SHINee: Taemin
Kara: Nicole
EXID: Hani
4Minute: Jihyun
f(x): Amber
Sistar: Hyorin
H.U.B.: Hyosun
(G)idel: Minnie
Wa$$up: Nari
Crayon Pop: Gummi
Beast: Hyunseung
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While I still Любовь me a good K-pop song and enjoy the genre overall, I just haven't been as into the genre anymore. For a good while puzzled over trying to figure out why that is. It really boiled down to four reasons.

The biggest reason is that a lot of my избранное disbanded. 2NE1 being the biggest loss. 2NE1 was my absolute Избранное girl group and to know that the band won't be putting out anymore Музыка is disheartening. 4Minute, Wonder Girls, and Spica are three еще that I especially miss. But then there's Kara. They (alongside Boa) were the band that got me into K-pop so to know that they...
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posted by meshiyMIKA

Real Name: Lee Jin Ki 이진기
Birthday: December 14, 1989 (19)
Position: Leader, Sub Vocal
Height: 177 CM
Hobbies/Expertise: Soccer, Basketball, Piano, Mandarin, English, Singing, Performing
Extras: The leader and oldest member in the group, he was discovered at the "2006 S.M. Academy Casting". Onew collaborated with Lee Hyun Ji, former member of project group банан Girl for her song, "Vanilla Love."


Real Name: Kim Jonghyun 김종현
Birthday: April 8, 1990 (19)
Postition: Lead Vocal
Height: 173 CM
Hobbies/Expertise: Watching Movies, Singing, Piano, Письмо Lyrics, Mandarin
Extras: He was...
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1. Changmin TVXQ (190 cm)
2. Kris EXO-M (187 cm)
3. Yunho TVXQ (186 cm)
4. Chanyeol EXO-K (185 cm)
5. Zhoumi SJ M (184 cm)
6. Siwon SJ (183 cm)
7. Tao EXO-M (183 cm)
8. Minho SHINee(183 cm)
9. Baek hyun EXO-K (183 cm)
10. Hangeng SJ (181 cm)
11. Kai EXO-K (181 cm)
12. Sehun EXO-K (181 cm)
13. Kangin SJ (180 cm)
14. Kyuhyun SJ (180 cm)
15. D.O EXO-K (180 cm)
16. Kibum SJ (179 cm)
17. Heechul SJ (179 cm)
18. Lay EXO-M (179 cm)
19. Key SHINee (179 cm)
20. Yesung SJ (178 cm)
21. Shindong SJ (178 cm)
22. ЛуХан EXO-M (178 cm)
23. Chen EXO-M (178 cm)
24. Taemin SHINee (178 cm)
25. Onew SHINee (177 cm)
26. Leeteuk SJ (176...
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Crazy Sasaeng Named Kim Yeo Shin


김여신 - Kim Yeoshin

A girl that has done many things to idols that physically hurt them. Here is a Список of the things she has done

Remember the B.A.P stage during the warrior era, Himchan was sweating like crazy? Kim Yeoshin put diarrhea medicine, oil, and benzene in a coffee and gave it to Himchan before the stage. Here's the video that shows Himchan sweating like crazy because of what she did: link
Kim Yeoshin added glue in coffee and gave it to DBSK UKNOW YUNHO. After that, he had to go to the ER because he had a seizure....
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posted by Sasunaru120
“Thank Ты GD”

Ты are always there to create music,

Even Ты are sometimes getting sick.

Ты are always there to make us smile,

Even sometimes, we make Ты cry.

Ты are always there to inspire people,

And always give your efforts double.

Ты are always there to make a change,

Even sometimes, there’s no exchange.

Ты are always there for the Фаны to say “I Любовь You”,

Even sometimes, we disappoint you.

Ты are always there to thank us,

Who should say that? It’s us.

If there’s an issue about you,

Some Фаны sometimes doubt you.

Sorry for everything we did wrong,

We will be here all along.

We have two words to say,

Before in bed, we lay.

GD , this is for you,

That two words are “Thank You”.
posted by penguinluva
heyy everyone i'm making a K-pop blog so please visit.

i'm not trying to be rude but please don't criticize... it's my blog i can do whatever i want.. :P

i'm going to add videos, pictures, blah blah blah all that other stuff.. did i say lyrics yet?

i'll hav a Болталка page for Комментарии on what to write about.... so pleaseeeeeeeeee come visti my blog at:


yes.. it's blogspot sorry couldn't figure out how to use wordpress... i got to confused.. its supposed to be easy to use but then i again i'm easily confused as well... so no surprise there..

again thanks everyone!!
posted by KwokJinYoung
Min Yoongi is еще well known as BTS Suga или Agust D. He is also known to sleep all the time and rare to see him to be happy and active in their BangTan Bombs. This is an Статья about his inspiration to his and their group's Фаны and the meaning of his songs.

"On the other side of the famous idol rapper
Stands my weak self, it’s quite dangerous
Depression, OCD, they keep coming back again from time to time
Hell no perhaps that might be my true self"
"That time I, that time I
I thought success will make everything fine
But Ты see, but Ты see
As time goes by, I feel like I’m turning into a monster"...
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Recently I have created some new клубы here in Fanpop for K-pop Idols, who didn't have them...I'm not forcing ppl to Присоединиться but I would be really happy if they would Присоединиться these spots...Thank you

Fanpop club for VIXX member Ken

Fanpop club for VIXX member Ravi

Fanpop club for VIXX member HongBin

Fanpop club for VIXX member Hyuk

SECRET member Song Jieun

SECRET member Han Sunhwa

B.A.P member Jung Daehyun

B.A.P member Yoo Youngjae

F(x) main vocalist Luna

YG new male artist Kang Seung Yoon

CN Blue bassist, rapper and model Lee Jungshin

This is every spot that I made...
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posted by meshiyMIKA
Name:Choi Jong Hun
Position: Leader, гитара & Piano
Nickname: Sexy Jonghun
D.O.B: March 7, 1990
Blood Type: A
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Best Feature: Nose
Talents: Piano
Hobbies: Listening to music, Internet

Name: Lee Hong Ki

Position: Lead Vocal
Nickname: Cute Rebellion
D.O.B: March 2, 1990
Blood Type: A
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Best Feature: Smile
Talents: Singing, Playing Soccer
Hobbies: Singing, Listening to music, Soccer, Internet, Cooking

Name: Lee Jae Jin
Position: бас, бас-гитара Guitar
Nickname: Volunteer
D.O.B: December 17, 1990
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Best Feature: Lips
Talents: бас, бас-гитара Guitar,...
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posted by meshiyMIKA
Birthday: August 3, 1988
Role: Leader, Rap
Instrument: Drums
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: Seoul, Nowon
Education: Hanyang Cyber University, Attending Department of Education
Admires: Joey Jordison
Specialties: Drums

Birthday: September 1, 1989
Role: Vocal
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Bloodtype: B
Birthplace: Incheon
Education: Seoul Arts and Culture in Digital Music
Admires: BMK
Specialties: Piano, Singing, Writing, Composition
Note: Appearance in Superstar K 2010

Birthday: May 11, 1990
Role: Guitarist
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 55 cm
Bloodtype: B
Birthplace: Seoul
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