I always thought it was you,
Ты always thought it was me.
We always thought we were it,
Seemed like a real perfect fit,
Those Brooklyn Nights set us free.

I always thought even though,
We were so young we could grow.
Up in the end it'd be us,
We'd take the F by the bus,
Where Brooklyn Nights set us free.

It's not that I don't wanna Любовь Ты (wanna Любовь you),
It's not that I'm really over it, Ты know (you know).
It's just that I can't watch us bleed to death,
When we used to be,
Brooklyn Nights happy.

[Verse 2]
I miss our cheap chandalier,
'Member when dad hung it there?
And we would watch Rocky IV,
The one where the Russian scored,
I loved Brigitte Nielsen's hair.

I'd call Ты my champion,
Thought we had already won.
And cracked open our last beer,
Falling asleep in our tears,
Those Brooklyn Nights set us free.


I found an old pair of
Keys in my кошелек that opened
The walkup we shared,
How did they get there, jerk?
I wanna see Ты there,
I wanna make it work.

I didn't brush my hair
And my lashes are falling
Off of seven years
Of our bad luck dating.
I want one last night there,
A Brooklyn Night affair.


Its not that I don't want to Любовь you
'Cause I really tried, and I
Just wanna hang with the old you,
For just one Brooklyn night adieu.

Have a drink with your former self,
We both won't act like someone else.
Maybe then we'd both tell the truth,
For just one Brooklyn night adieu.