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 Lady GaGa Live In Dublin
Lady GaGa Live In Dublin
“The wait in the freezing cold queue for 4 hours was worth everything to see GaGa in all her glory! The most amazing Показать I’ve ever witnessed, she truly knows how to make Ты feel like Ты are the only person in the audience. When she spoke to us she spoke so serene then when she sang and danced she rocked it! No amount of soreness in any part of my body can account for what I witnessed last night. I can’t pick a best part of the Показать because no part could out do the other! I Любовь Lady GaGa with all my heart, toujours une légende!”
– Anna

“Lady Gaga blew the roof of the O2 Arena...
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Lady Gaga - ScheiBe (video)
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He may be an upcoming actor who’s best known for his role in the Vampire Diaries but it seems that Taylor Kinney’s ex-girlfriend is pleased she’s no longer going out with him.
Brittany Sackett recently claimed that Lady Gaga ‘stole’ the dark-haired звезда from her after he appeared in her Музыка video for Ты And I but it seems she’s glad that she did so.
‘I can definitely do better,’ Sackett said. “Lady Gaga has done me a favour.”

‘He apologised by text and on the phone, but I wasn’t giving him the time of day,’ she said.
‘He’s disloyal, he’s weak-willed, he’s got...
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