I'm a Фан of TM since the pilot and I really want to share my opinion или I will explode(LOL).
Being very honest,season 6 of the Показать started very well and with huge and extremely good episodes,that seeing separetely could be considering as seasons finales for sure.Anyway,what started so good didn't keep the quality at all,'cause when Red John died literally in the hands of Patrick, everyone's thoughs were "Now it's time for Jisbon" and we can see that is not really the truth.
I get it that Red John was a huge part of the series,but he isn't the most important part,we have Simon Baker(for God sakes)we had interesting cases,Jane and Lisbon working together,the CBI team and a mix with humour and drama that make me falling in Любовь with the show.
Recently we're not seeing nothing of that anymore.Yeah,Jane is still the same Jane with the tongue on the cheek humour and just see Simon Актёрское искусство is amazing,but what about the rest?
Why the hell Jane wanted Lisbon to working with him,if this isn't happening anymore?Fisher is the boss now,but she doesn't have to be omnipresent,right?And this is exactly what is happening and totally not in a good way.
To me the writers are trying to introduce her as a real important part of the Показать now,(which she isn't),but see how she is becoming a immense part of all,is kinda pissing me off.
The new characters(Fisher,Abott)are not good ones and they're just there to annoy everyone.
At least I don't know a single person that really likes one of them.
Lisbon is losing screen time and she become nothing еще that just a deluxe co-star,what is totally unfair 'cause Robin did a great job since the very beginning and she deserve it еще than a few lines and not so important ones.
The cases are not so interesting anymore,they are a little bit boring and previsibles,which for a criminal Показать is not the best thing that could happen at all.
Yes,I want a 7th season,but just if(and just IF) Jisbon happen for sure,because I can't see any other reason to watch The Mentalist right now and let's face it the fact that the writers aren't investing in a future history for Jisbon at all,what tells me that if something will happen between Patrick and Teresa will be a Kiss at most.
Patrick and Teresa are not talking to each other as they did and their conversations were one of the most amazing thing about TM.

I'm still trying to believe that this wonderful Показать that amazes me for the last 6 years will have the end that it deserves,but I'm not so sure of that and this really makes me a little bit sad.

The only thing that I will do now is пересекать, крест my fingers and wait for the best,but watch TM isn't the same and the waiting for new episodes is not so fun anymore,and when a thing like that happen says that is time to go.