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[Fancam] Onew of SHINee VIEW @M COUNTDOWN Rehearsal_150528

[STATION] 온유 X 이진아 '밤과 별의 노래 (Starry Night)' MV

[STATION] 온유 X 로코베리 '수면제 (Lullaby)' MV

[130903] Drunk Onew!

Many Faces of Onew

20130706 SHINee Япония ARENA TOUR IN OSAKA - To Your сердце (ONEW Focus)

130501 [video] SHINee (Onew&Taemin) Cut – MBC Музыка Ranking

[Full HD] SHINee - Dream Girl @ SBS Inkigayo 130407

SHINee O New_10 Corso Como Seoul Melody_Preview

[ENG SUB] FULL: SHINee Some Wonderful день | Episode 5

130305 SHINee's One Fine день Ep. 4 FULL [Eng Sub]

130226 SHINee's One Fine день Ep. 3 FULL [Eng Sub]

[ENG SUB] FULL: SHINee Some Wonderful день | Episode 2

[Eng Sub] 130210 SHINee Wonderful день EP1 FULL.

Onew Fall :D


{SHINee Subs} 081231 Channel [V] Thailand - Onew's Bag [Engsubbed]

Onew The Chicken Manic

Cheesy Onew

SHINee(샤이니) _ LUCIFER (Only Dance Ver.)

[110509] Onew @ Miss Chunhyang Contest

Onew - The Name I Loved

Onew's Freakky Talent!!! Ddakbam!!!!

SHINee ONEW has another talent beside imitate donald утка

Onew imitate JongHyun's voice

Onew imitating Jonghyun (Jonghyun complaining @ IMR) WITH ENGLISH SUBS IN DESCRIPTION!

[Key focused] 100731 Playful Taemin & Key - Kiss, Kiss ?! ^ㅠ^ @ MC Randy19977

100731 Minho dancing lucifer with a piggyback ride on Onew hyung ^0^ @ MC

Onew falling during Perf.

onew falling T__T

[Funny] 100725 Onew dropped his mic and...? LOL @ IG

I Have Onew Condition

Onew sexy back and stomach flash! MUST WATCH

[MV] Lee Hyun Ji - Vanilla Любовь [Ft Onew - SHINee]

Narsha, Thunder, and Onew jump rope cut