One of your queens <33
The Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт and Veronica/Kristen queen!!!

Holly: My teeny tiny bumbleBEE! I adore this girl so much, she's the baby of our little group and I've always felt especially protective of her, even though she's totally capable of taking care of business! I just feel like we have the big sis/little sis thing going on and i Любовь it ♥ She's kind, funny, and all around amazing.
Kir:I Любовь that you're one of the few members who watched Skins. Любовь Ты for that! Haha. You're great to talk to and I Любовь how much Ты Любовь Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт :D
Maria:Lexie to my Mer, my little sis and propably one of the most adorable people . She's the sweetest girl and also a really strong person . It's always fun talking to her because she is an amazing friend and really caring<3 ,love you<3
Ade: Bee <3333 I Любовь that girl so much. I am pretty sure she is the first member I bonded with on the LPF and also the member I made picks with the most (I MISS IT) and also the member I fangirled the most with. I Любовь the fact that I feel the need to protect her. She is such a cutie that I don't know how Ты could possibly not like her. Plus, I saw her grow and she will be a very successful girl because of her motivation. Finally, she is passionate about OTH and we have so many randoms in common, that it's always a blast to talk to her <3
Inés: We don't talk much either, but Bee always make me laugh and smile, that's crazy ! Her snapchats are always so funny and joyful ! I wonder where she finds that energy to smile so much <3
Nerea: She seems to be so nice and sweet. The few things that I’ve seen of her so far are that she is a cool and kind girl. So, for all these reasons, it would be amazing to know еще about her.
Atie: Bee!! Precious little cinnamon roll.She's the best best friend ever.She's literally my little sister.She's even though she's the youngest of us she's still so strong,wise and intelligent.She's
always here whenever I need to talk to someone and she's one of the most understanding person ever.Love my bumble bee so so so much <3
Jess: She's amazing, we talked so much once and she was always so nice and with so much Любовь and she was always giving me compliments on my Видео and edits and I hope she remembers some of our talks as well<3
Elle: BEEE!!! Ты are such good value throughout the LPF. Always coming up with awesome Опросы and ideas. Your energy is amazing and always gets people involved as well. I am loving talking to Ты and finding out things about you. Ты are such an important person to everyone and someone that I admire.
Nic: Little sis number 2. LPF's It Girl and biggest TSwift freak I've ever met, we all connect her to anything cute, small and bubbly (aww!) but we all know she has a bamf hidden inside her! She's very pretty, smart and our sport girl! Effy to my Tony, I will Любовь Ты forever, family first!<333
Fatemeh: Prim to my Katniss <3 Bee you’re like the cutest person ever. My THG buddy!! I Любовь fangirling with Ты so much babe. It’s always nice to talk to Ты because every time we talk Ты put a big smile on my face. I care about Ты so much and Любовь you.
Amber: Bee is just such an amazing girl. She is always there for the people who need her, and she is always able to put a smile on my face with her ideas and just her personality in general! Plus she is the cutest little Swiftie кекс in the world! Любовь Ты <33
Aline: My little sis <3 You're easily one of the nicest people here in the family and you're just so supportive and caring. Ты always bring joy with Ты and even though life can be tough, Ты try to see past that. I'll always be there for Ты if Ты need me, Любовь Ты <3
Rach: Bee is amazing. Even though she is very enthusiastic and kind, she also has this depth to her that I don't think everyone sees at first, and I Любовь that about her. I Любовь how wise and strong she is, and how good of a friend she is, too. I don't know what I'd do without her, she's like a little sister to me and I Любовь her to pieces <333
Rana: The baby, our baby<3 Bee is SUPER strong, probably one of the strongest members but since she’s the youngest it’s just easy to be beyond protective over her. Bee is sweet, adorable, badass, and strong. She’s just such an amazing person and I hate when she’s in pain<3 I Любовь talking to her and I hope she knows I’m always there for her. Любовь Ты my Alex.
From 21:50-22:50
THE Queen for Ты <33