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Holly: I haven't had the chance to get to know Nerea yet, but I've heard wonderful things so I'm looking вперед to talking with her and hopefully becoming friends!
Ade: God I hate not being on Fanpop (aka lpf mostly) because I stop talking to all of Ты and apparently a lot of people joined the family lately including you. I am so sorry I don't know Ты или what Ты do watch but I promise we'll catch up soon ;) I am really excited to know Ты as I am sure you're great ;) Feel free to send me a private message или talk to me on Whatsapp if Ты do have it.
Bee: I've seen Nerea around a little, both here and the CBF. She seems like a lovely person, and her friendship with Ines is adorable. Ines speaks very highly of her so she must be something pretty wonderful! I can't wait to get to know her.
Inés: What can I say except that I Любовь her sooo much <333 I've been so lucky to meet this sweetheart. I Любовь our talks, and the fact that we send each other gifts for our birthdays and Рождество is so amazing, because it's like we've seen other for real. And it will happen ! Some день we will meet, I swear <33
Atie: Nerea - I've never really talked to Nerea.But she seems really nice and friendly.She's very gentle and unique from what i can see.
Jess: Well she's the official newbie here and sadly I never spoke to her, but I'm going to change that soon and I hope she feels good and welcomed in our family <3
Elle: I have only spoken to Ты once, but from what I see Ты are starting to become a cherished member. Ты are making an effort to get to know everyone and I know how hard that can be. I can’t wait to learn еще about you.
Maria: We’ve only talked like twice but honestly she seems such a friendly, interesting and open minded person so I can’t wait to get to know her better . Любовь you<3
Nic: The only one I really don't know a thing about! But she seems lovely and really pretty! Plus, she is Ines's best friend, so she is automatically our friend<3 She seems like the sweetest, and I can't wait to meet her properly (Wall post me hon!)
Fatemeh: We haven’t talked yet but I hope that changes soon. Ты seem like a very nice person and I’m looking вперед getting to know you. I Любовь you.
Amber: I really have to talk to this girl! But just from what I’ve seen she seems lovely and her Иконки are so pretty! And from what I can tell from her page, we have some fandoms in common that we must talk about :D Любовь Ты <33
Aline:We've never talked! But I'm sure you're a lovely person and in time, we'll get to know each other and become Друзья :)
Rach: We haven't talked very much, but from what I've seen, Ты seem like a wonderful person! Very nice and friendly, and very humble, too! I hope that we will get to talk еще in the future, and I honestly wish Ты all the best in life, Ты deserve it!! Любовь Ты <333
Rana: Well, she’s really new and we’ve only had a few brief conversations but she seems to be really sweet! I can’t wait to get to know her еще because we have a lot of fandoms in common and she just seems like an в общем и целом, общая sweet and kind person! Любовь you, we don’t have a friendship yet :P haha.
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