Happy Birthday pretty Amberry<333 Omg, I cannot believe how long we’ve known each other! Ты are by far my oldest friend here and one of the first people I ever met from the family actually! I remember being super nervous and scared when I first joined because everyone seemed so close and attached but Ты were one of the people that immediately made me feel welcomed and pushed me into this epic family ;) Ты are my fangirling buddy for life<333 Like literally we agree on everything and it’s great! I will FOREVER AND EVER cherish our OTH rants (especially about lame new OTH, Brucas, Baley, and Lincus/Lindsey :P) Also our Grey’s Anatomy rants and how we always knew to come on the LLT after an episode and how we both immediately knew the other was there after the tragic Lexie episode </3 *fangirl sisters telepathy* I Любовь how we can literally talk about any Показать and how all our избранное are the same in every single show! And I will FOREVER Любовь our Jess talks because it’s what first caused us to bond and of course it’s what inspired the EPIC EPIC EPIC baby spot<333 That spot will forever hold a special place in my сердце ;) Not only are Ты my epic fangirl buddy but you’re just a great friend overall. I Любовь how I can come talk to Ты whenever and I Любовь how you’re always there for me (and I hope Ты know I’m always here for you). You’re seriously just one of the sweetest, kindest, amazing, beautiful, strongest, and just в общем и целом, общая epic people in this family and I just cannot imagine the LPF without you<33 IDK I SUCK AT WORDS JUST KNOW THAT Ты ARE MY AWESOME, EPIC, FANGIRLING, SISTER FOR LIFE! I Любовь Ты LIKE CRAZY MY EPIC ANNE♥♥♥ (we have sooooo many еще friendships but I’m lazy :P)

Okay so I had to write Ты and Sawmberry drabble :P I’m sorry it’s so lame an short but I hope Ты like it XD
Sawyer & Amber; Happily Ever After
Amber stirred in her sleep and suddenly jolted up when she noticed how bright it was outside. Quickly turning to her alarm clock she realized that it was already mid-afternoon. She ran into the nursery was horrified to see the детская кроватка empty so she turned to make her way towards the kitchen. She sighed a breath of relief when she saw her husband Sawyer sitting at the таблица holding their new born baby girl Audrey and their 4 год old son, Noah, sitting on the таблица Далее to him. She sighed and went and sat Далее to them, leaning down to place a Kiss on Noah’s head.
“Good morning momma.” Noah grinned boyishly up at his mother.
Amber immediately returned the smiled, “Good morning my Избранное boy.” She cooed. She then turned towards Sawyer, “Why didn’t Ты wake me up?”
“Because Ты looked exhausted.” Sawyer shrugged. He then smirked, “Besides, I got this. Taking care of children is easy.”
Amber raised her eyebrows, “Oh is it, now? Why is Audrey wearing a green рубашка and yellow pants, by the way?”
Sawyer looked down at his daughter and smiled sheepishly, “Because I couldn’t decide on weather I wanted her to look like a лимон или a lime.”
Amber rolled her eyes and held her hands out indicating that she wanted to hold her daughter and Sawyer obliged to her demand.
“Momma, last night daddy let me stay up and watch the game with him.” Noah told his mother.
“Oh really, did he now?”
“Noah, what did we say?” Sawyer groaned.
Noah looked between his parents and then suddenly remembered, “Oh, of course, it’s supposed to be a secret momma, shhhh.” He сказал(-а) finishing his breakfast and running off to go play with his toys.
Amber turned towards Sawyer and raised her eyebrows, “This is why Ты wake me up.”
Sawyer laughed and pulled his wife towards him. “I Любовь you, Ты know that?” he сказал(-а) placing a Kiss on her lips.
“That’s not going to масло, сливочное масло me down.” Amber smirked. “Dishes, now!”
Sawyer groaned throwing his head back, “Fine.”

Authors Note: OMG sorry that’s so lame: P I suck at Письмо lmfao! But I really wanted to write something with Ты two and children because gaahhh Sawmberry as parents<333

And now keeping tradition and Письмо Ты a lame Pathan drabble: P come on, it’s us, I have to XD P.S. Yes I украл, палантин a Mertina line, oh well XD
Nathan & Peyton; Always on your Side
Authors Note: This takes place in the beginning-ish of season 5 because yeah, soft spot :P

Peyton was sitting in her new office twirling around in her chair. As she was twirling her eyes landed on the stupid lucky bamboo that Lucas’s Lindsey had gifted to her and she couldn’t help but to roll her eyes. She kept on twirling Остаться в живых in thought, wondering if this Переместить to дерево холм, хилл was in fact smart.
“Wow, Sawyer, taking full advantage of working life I see.”
She smiled when she heard the familiar teasing voice break her from her thoughts and turned to look at the man who had just spoken however when she turned her face went from happy to complete shock.
“Oh my god!” Peyton screamed getting up. “Nathan, you’re on crutches! You’re not on a wheelchair anymore!”
Nathan laughed, “Very observant Sawyer.”
Peyton rolled her eyes and walked over to him shoving him lightly, “I don’t care if you’re a cripple, I’ll still kick your ass.” She smirked. Her face then softened and she gave him a quick hug, “I’m really proud of Ты Scott. I knew Ты could do it.”
Nathan beamed, “I know I’m great.” Peyton glared at him and he laughed, “Okay, no, seriously, thank Ты Sawyer. I could not have done this without you. Everyone was walking on eggshells because of me and Ты just walked in being the сука that Ты are and set me straight.”
Peyton laughed, “I’m always happy to be a bitch.”
Nathan shook his head and smiled, “Thank Ты for being on my side and being there for me when everyone else had дана up.”
Peyton rolled her eyes but smiled giving a slight shrug, “I’m your person, I’m always on your side.”
Nathan nodded his head, “Right back at you. I should get going now, but I mean it, I’m always on your side too and if Ты ever need to talk about anything I’m here.”
“I know.”
Nathan was about to walk out the door when he turned around and looked at his best friend again, “Nice office. Who gave it you? My brother?” he asked raising his eyebrows.
“Shut up and get out!” Peyton laughed watching Nathan leave. Once he was gone she sat back down in satisfaction. Moving back Главная was definitely not a mistake.