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Leyton Family<3 [On A Football High] The Two Most Inspiring Players In My Opinion ; Whose Do Ты Find еще Inspiring ?

8 fans picked:
➪ claire rafferty
➪ fara williams
 unicornsrreal posted Больше года
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unicornsrreal picked ➪ fara williams:
FARA; to me, I find Fara the most inspiring player in the whole game, including the men's. Fara was homeless for 6 years during the start of her footballing career. She was looked after and coached up by Hope Powell and is now the most capped women's player for England, and one of the best midfielders in the world. She's amazing and has worked with the homeless FA charity as a coach at manchester united's the cliff, and helping to select the england team for the homeless world cup.

RAFFERS; raffers is the story of determination and not letting anything get you down. raffers has suffered 3 ACL injuries (this is an anterior cruciate ligament injury which means the ligament is overstretched). they require surgery to resurrect them. this means raffers has had three. usually if you suffer one of these, you give up the game, or if not after the first, the second. raffers didn't know whether she'd be able to play again after the second one, but she did and now, just this year, has won a bronze medal at the world cup and the FA cup.

If you're actually interested in their stories here's some links, not that you will be haha;
fara's; link
raffer's; link
posted Больше года.
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XNaley_JamesX picked ➪ claire rafferty:
That's amazing!
posted Больше года.