Leyton Family<3 My ultimate Избранное scene for my вверх ten couples ; your Избранное scene?

Pick one:
Mark&Lexie; "I Любовь you/It's like I'm infected by Mark Sloan" (8x22)
Monica&Chandler; "I'm still on Лондон time, does it count?" (5x01)
Leo&Piper; "know that I'm not giving up." VD card + dreamed Kiss (2x13)
Nathan&Haley; "I was hurt Haley, but I was still proud of you" (3x13)
Leonard&Penny; "God what's wrong with me?"/ "Nothing, you're perfect." (1x06)
Brittany&Santana; "Landslide" performance + hug (2x15)
Nick&Jess; "I just got Ты Jess, and I'm not letting Ты go" (3x01)
Ross&Rachel; "I got off the plane" (10x18)
Barney&Robin; "That day's just no good" + later Kiss (7x09)
Ezra&Aria; Rain Kiss (2x17)
 Nicolas97 posted Больше года
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