Leyton Family<3 All the things Fatemeh & I would do with all of you! Which sounds the most fun??

Pick one:
Amber; Force her to watch Nikita/Pick a side♥
Rach; Bake/Make a mess♥
Nic; Dance party♥
Maria; Karaoke party♥
Holly; Go to an amusement park♥
Ines; Go to a tattoo Parlor♥
Elle; Make her give us free food♥
Ade; Watch underrated tv shows♥
Atie; Watch Болливуд movies♥
Bee; Have her teach us about sports♥
Celine; Mess with her Стена ♥
Kir; Watch Молокососы
Jess; Have her teach us to make videos♥
Nad; Watch the Harry Potter movies♥
Option for me and my bubblegum♥
Aline; Watch OUAT
 mooshka posted Больше года
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