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Pick one:
don't rain on my parade (original: b.streisand)
torn (original: n.imbruglia)
the only exception (original: paramore)
firework (original: k.perry)
without Ты (original: d.guetta)
jar of hearts (original: c.perri)
how deep is your Любовь (original: bee gees)
oops! i did it again (original: b.spears)
make Ты feel my Любовь (original: adele)
let it go (original: i.menzel)
wake me up (original: avicii)
i'm the greatest звезда (original: b.streisand)
yesterday (original: beatles)
i was here (original: beyonce)
it's all coming back to me now (original: c.dion)
 marakii posted Больше года
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