Leyton vs. БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) FANS: Honestly, all biases aside... what is your Избранное LP scene? [add your own!]

Pick one:
"It's you." ♥
"Your art matters" [S1 или S5] ♥
First meeting ♥
"I'll be seein' ya." ♥
"It's always gonna be there isn't it? Ты and me." ♥
"You're always saving me." ♥
"I Любовь Ты too" ♥
Cookie dough ♥
Book fight ♥
"I can't believe you're here!" ♥
"Daddy's home" ♥
"Now that is exactly what I needed to hear" ♥
6x17 scenes ♥
Peyton "lets go" ♥
Hospital scene before/as Peyton wakes up ♥
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 kellyerin87 posted Больше года
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