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posted by LindzyLovesYou
K' i have lots of Друзья on this site.(: I doubt i culd name all of them c;. But, im qnna put the ones i do remember &' put other stuff.(;
DIEM= What wuld i do without yuuu qirl?c; Yuu help me thru everythinqq' and we have a m a z i n q q'
times tew qether (: We have Болталка conversations and i luff them<3xD we may be crazy but iloveyuu<3 Chuu ish My boyyfraannd foo'ever(x
KITTY= Oh kitty.(: Yuur soo funny &' i Любовь tlkinqq to yuu xD yu always have somethinqq' to say about e v e r y t h i n q!x'D and its funny :'D But yuur never on :c i miss yuu bbez<3(:
KATHLEEN=First, iloveyuusomuch!(;...
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posted by LindzyHeree_
Ayeee'ooo quuuys.♥c; Lindzzzy'huur(:
well, i haveent been on in a whilee.o:
или updateed my club.(x sooo thaats
whaat im qnna do.(; anywaays.
Im 1_ yeaars yoounnqq♥c:
My favoritee musiic qrooup?c:
Mindless Behaviioor.♥(x
favoritee sonqq?o:
Cᴀ$ʜ Ѻᴜᴛ - ℃ᴀsʜɪɴ' Ѻᴜ✝♥
favoritee qiirls?cx'
katt,kathleen,dieem,mariiah,myliee,justinee,nana,sydneeyyy, ♥
favoritee quuys?(:
favoritee moviee?c;
Findinqq Nemoo♥o:
ivee been okay i'queess?(: my counselor still stalks me jussaayin. >.< anqqeel? idek...yeeh. my sisteer?♥c: shes amazinqq♥(x someeone♥(; ahaa.yeeh.c; well yuu qot any questions?(: ask?♥c:
posted by LindzyIsHurr
ayeeeee . !♥ eerrmmm soo idek what too talk about huur LOL . (: i juus met this qirl taaaaay ♥ shees pretty koo . met destiny tooo buuhhh we talkeed fuuur 5 minuteess ? she seeems cool thoo ♥ anywhoo, i accideentally dropped mahh moooms Iphonee 5 she juuus qot lol. its brokeeen bahaha. shhes so mad at meee ^.^ uhh well ♥ misssin maah old frieends dhooo. ♥:/ loviin thee new onees (x oh hey! loook 30 peoplee wannna fuckin be loqqed on afteer i wanna qo. LOL . f'n bishes. haha. i dont mean it. im boreeed af . i juus needed somethin too doo (: so im heree on this stuupid club ♥:p buh im out (:
Эй, tay hurr!!!! n dis сука LOL well all I wanted to say is LINDZAAYY IS AWESOME KOOL FUNNI MA REALL NIGGHA! I Любовь YHU LINDZAY ND I JUST MET HUR 2daii actually 9.23.12 hehe lmao!! But don't fuq wih her cuz I will beat yo жопа, попка mofo! Idc who yhu iz.! :P <33333333333333333333333333333333 I'm always gona have yur baq nd yhu can trust me cuz I'm reall mofocuss!! Lml well k bye <3333 tay out doh!WE NIGGAS TILL DUH END DOH BELIEVE IT BABY.... HAHA!!!!!! HATERS BE HATE N OUR SWAQQ!!!!<333333333333333333333333333 lindzaayyy but dey can go n be wih duh rest of the haters wait n for me to give a fuck!! Lol
posted by StaceyBabee_
Hai Thurr.(x
Weelll Its Nana Huur Akaa' Staceey'Boo Hurr.❤
Im Back Bitch! :D Lmaoo Weellll
Dhis Articlee Ish Foo' Ma' SwaaqqedOutHoee'(x
Lindzaay' Is Amazinqq, Pretty And SHES MINE. SO FUCK OFF. ._. Ohkay? Anywaaayss' iLovee Chuue Niqqa'(; We've Been Knowinqq Each Othurr Foo' Lykee A Lonq жопа, попка Tymee Now.o: Annddd iTs Awesomeee^_^
We R Monstaa' Buddaiiiz <3333!!
Nun Gunna Channqqeee Tht <3 :*

Never Foo'qet Mehh, Ohkay Lindzaay'?
Ohh Annd Dnt Fuckinqq Leave Mehh Aqqaiiinn' With These Stranqqerzzz. ._. xD

Ohkay, Sooo' Whorezz,Dnt Fuckk With Ma' Lindzaay'Hoee. If Ты Do, I'LL HUrt You, Eat All Of Choo' Orqaaannnz' Untill Youu Fuckinqq Die. Kay? Be Scared Cuz I Will Suprise Youu Badlyy ;)

Weell iBettta Goo' So, Baii Lindzaay'<33
Luv Youu Wif All Ma Heartt<333!!!

posted by LindzyIsHurr
ayeee thuur . ♥ weeeelllll i just qot boreed and decideed to posst huur . o: im eatinqq a pop tart riqht now and its freakinqq amazinqq . dont hate . (x im watchinqq the hunqeer qamees . ♥ c: Любовь the moviee. cx' i wuuld marry qalee . ♥ (; hes freakinqq qorqeeeous . o: anyonee aqree .? anyonee ? LOL ;o i havee cheer tryous tomorrow . ♥ o; im excited . :D i havee been waitinqq forevver fuur the shit to come up . D: i havee my old unnifoorm . ♥ c: qnna miss my old squuad. (; buuh fuur know im qnna qo to sleep so niqhty niqht (:
#SwaqqOuutBiotch ♥ (;
posted by LindzyIsHurr
elluuuurrr peoplee(: well, i haveent donee anythinq huur for a whilee.o: so umm jussaaa littlee thinqqq befuur i leavee my housee(x weeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllll, i hatee this site.xDD but we all knw tht.c: im only heree for a few peoplee.i want yuu to add someeone okaaay?o: [url=http://www,] [/Jennifuur] ive knwn huur for a год now.(; shes soo amazinqq.o: anywaaays, im a diee hard cardinaaals faan so BAM motherfuckers caardinaals won 2 weeks in a fuckinq row x3 dont hate xDD. emm, i am really boreed riqqht now(x im drinkinqq monster x3 i dontt havee a lifee at the momeent which is why im heeree.(; weeeeeeeellllllllllllllllli must qo now xDD.
posted by KatyLovesYou
allo whore and hoes (:
kathleen was here <3 :p
so yeep
i haven't on in ages e_o
please dont kill me lindzy D:
i miss Ты anywayz <3 ):
i was literally freaking out when lindzy left
without even telling meh! D:
but she's back O:
now i'm happy again (x
she's my boo
always will be (:
so if Ты try to become her boo,
Ты and i are gonna have issues -_-
i Любовь her lots.
even if we have some arguments and shit
did Ты know that she is gorgeous and helll alot of fun?
of course! xD
call her ugly?
fuck Ты
you're probably just jealous (;
fuck with her?
no one will ever find your remains xp
did i mention gthat i have an exstremely violent side? xD
well i do .-.
i'll unleash it on Ты if Ты fuck with my boo ]:<
anyhoe, i'm done
i wuv Ты lindzy! :D <33333
posted by LindzyHeree_
1)Attention-seekers ._.
2)whorees e.o
3) qirrrls whoo tallk lykke this "OMG heeees sooo cutee LIKEE O.M.G" no -.- qet suum damn sense.c:
4) doucheebaqs.(x
5) pizzaaa.. o.o
6) strawberries ._.
7) spideers.e.e
8) cloowns.D:
9) heiqqhts >.<
10) Ты xD
11) my mothuuur.:p
12) my brothheer. x3
13) anythinqq yellow ._.
14) selena qommez. (ideeek why(:)
15) caars that qo too fast. x.x
16) teaachers
17) anythinqq educational :3
18) m&m's o.o
19) my feet. xP
20) hamburqeers'.
21) Arizonaa
22) bananas e.o (im allerqic :c )
23) annythinqq too neon ._.
24) neon розовый D:
25) Стена stalkers >.<
26) hospitals.
27) doctorrs'. (lonqqq story)c:
28) most quuys'.
29) makinqq' this cluub.(x
30.) y.o.u aqaain.c;
posted by Cody_Here
Cody is right here <-------- ^o^ mehehe anywho, well lindzy i think your a whore. D:< joking joking. yourr pretty and nice and imm glad were friends. ♥_^ but im mad at Ты >.> Ты came on, and didnt even say hi D: i was pissed. Dx ask kathleen. she knows o__o yeah well , guys? yes. shes single. but shes like a sister. so i will make sure your жопа, попка never hurts her and if Ты do i promise by the end of that день your acccount here? will be GONE o: yes GONE -.- so dont fuck with her. или me >.> then you'd really have hell (: so i Любовь ya lindzy. bye bye now. ^o^♥
posted by LindzyHuur_
heeyy'thuuur person.♥(: its lindzy duuuuh ^-^ anyyyywaaayyys, uhh i had a really disturbinqq convuursation today.e.e and im kinda traumatized fuur' life.D: oh, and i probably saw suum stuff i wasnt supposed teww. e.o so, thats why im up this late.o: im nevvur up this late.(x but i cant qo teww sleep. im like scared too. o.o im like a-hunndred puurcent suure what i saw was not suppposed teww be found. xD so uhh, now im scared to qo back in my room. o_o shut up.D: dont lauqh.Dx anywhore, i dunt wannna qo in anqels rooom either, he sleeps crazy. e.e so, im lyke the only one awake riqht now o_o did i mention im lyke alone?xD and holy hell i just read this ovuur and i say "lyke" alot.xD oh well. okay, back on topic, uuhh im still awake. and alone at one in the fuckinqq morninq.-.- jeezz.D: if im not on tomorrow its cause im in freakinqq hibernation uur sum shit. x3 well, im qnna qo now. ._. i need to eat. havent eaten all day. >.> well, bye stalkers.(x♥
1.)We Любовь when Ты cuddle with us.(:
2.)A Kiss on the cheek is a definite yes.(:
3.)We want Ты to put your arm around us at the movies.(:
4.)We dont care if Ты are the stronqqest quy in the world.(:
5.)Size dosent matter, so dont tell us.(:
6.)We dont always look our best so qet over it.(:
7.)We shouldnt have to plan everythinnq..
8.)Were always ready to talk, so call us.(:
9.)Were not perfect so deal with it.(:
10.)We Любовь surprises.(:
11.)The little thinqs Ты do mean the most.(:
12.)Were not always qirly qirls..
13.)We can like boy stuff too.D:
14.)Cursinqq and fiqhtinq dosent impress us.
15.) Dont be mean to us to qet our attention..
16.)Dont tell us who is hot, because we dont care.
17.)We can tell when your not listeninq..(:
18.)When we say we're cold, thats your invitation too come closer not to say "me too." -.-
19.)Huqs mean еще sometimes.(:
20.)We need your Совет sometimes. so donnt be afraid to qive it.(:
posted by LindzyHuur_
Mylie<3 : Well Mylie, we've knw each uthher fuur a while now and yuur amazinqq<3(x yuur so sweet and nice.o: and i Любовь tlkinqq to you.(: your one uff mehh best Друзья loveyewwbbez<3(:
Mariah<3: omq..theres lyke alot to say about you. :'D first, your suuuper fun to tlk to. :D we always have Болталка conversations and stuff.o: its funny.(x yeeeh lyke when we were tlkinqq about dora and her cousin?xD funny (': yuu have an amazinqq personality and Ты better not ever EVER leave here xDD endless were like 30 and nobody comes on. o.o lol.(x Любовь yuu<3
Andy: Well, Andy! what can i say?(x...
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posted by DiemBabez
Oh heyyy o3o
Its Diem duhhhh' ^_^
but anyways i wantd to tell yew
How speshul this qirl is to me
Lindzy ilu sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Much.(~o ̄▽ ̄)~o
Shes so pretty and nice and funny.
Opposite of me c;
I dunno whatd id be like if i didnt meet her.
Probablly not so physchotic.?
Dunno but
Shes my boyfriend stop beinq jelly..(´♡ω♡`)
/just realized i am switchinq from first and third posistion
Wait i cant post this cuz its not lonq enouqh
Ohohoho thats what she сказал(-а) =u=
Rme x sbwhwjdneqgqeke
Well Heddo thurr everybodyy<3
Im Sydney(:
I've known Lindzy fo' a whilee now.
Your my best friend.
I Любовь Ты ALOTT.
I trust Ты еще than almost anybody.
Ты and Diem are the reasons I came back.
WEell I like Pasta.(:
And Italian qeneral :p
Haha. And Justin Bieberr
AND One Direction.
You, me, Diem, and Katy all have new accoutns(:
Lindzy, we both Любовь Jeydon Wale.(:
Me&Diem's face = :B
Yes were nerds.
Lindzy is my Избранное person everr.
She is one of the few people I can tell anything,
Including a secret that I told hur b4 I told my family,
Which the WHOLE world can now see in my club; on my twitlonqer
Andd..In my articles.
Anywayy. ILoveYouLindzyy'baee<3
NEVERR leavee me.
I promise I wont leave Ты aqaain.
posted by Nana13
Thanks So Much Ferr' Beinq Da Best, Loyal,
Awesomest, Greatful Friend In Da Whole Word 2 Mehh Ilove Yuu Alot(:
Yuu've Always Had My Back On Everythinq
Tht Happened To Mehh Frum Da Beqqininq
iM so Fhuckinqq' Glad I Met Yuuh.<3
Witout Yuu I Would'nt Be Here
Thanks To Yuu Im Stayinq Here Even iF I Hav Probs Wit Ppl I Dnt Like. Nd If Tht Does Happen Aqain I'll Come Crawlinqq' To Yuu For Help или Advice. (:
Yuu Always Make Me Lauqh Smile Nd Just Have A Good день Whenever Im Havinqq A Bad день I Appreciate Wut Yuu Do Ferr Meh. Thannx bbez(: iloveyuu -mauuh-! xox

Luv Alwayz Nd Foo'Ever,
Nana' ♥
posted by MylieLovesYou
yuuh ahre an amazinqq' beautiful qurl &' an amazinqq' friend<3
yuuhr fnny awesum &' lots lots more!
yuuh always makee me lauqh &' smilee which iis nicee becausee ii dnt smilee much anymore.(x
thanks for beinqq' such a qreat friend &' always havinqq' my back!
iim qlad ii qot a fanpop
&' we met &' became qood friends.
thanks so much for beinqq'
a qood friend when ii needed one!
hopee we can talk more
&' qet too know each other more
any person in the wholee world wuld
be lucky too meet a qurl as qreat
as yuuh!
Любовь yuuh<3
posted by KatyLovesYou
k, so imma write something that has been on my mind lately. first of all.... i Любовь Ты lindzy <3 (:

before i met lindzy, i knew her bro angel. then he linked lindzy to me in a chat message.
his exact words:
"she may be crabby at times, but she is my amazing sister. i Любовь her." (;
so yeah, lindy and i ended up talking for at least five hours into the night xD.
lindzy is amazing, beautiful, funny, evil, and awesome. she is like my older sister. she is always looking out for me. if i never met her или angel, i would be dead by now. lindzy is one in three ppl who are my reason to stay on this site. i look up to her when i need help on something. i'll never be a pretty as her. i am always wondering on how she is doing, i really think that we are related at times. so yeah, if anyone hurts her, i'll kick their asses to hell. >:] so best not to fuck with her. anywayz, bye ppl (;
1.) I hate you.
2.) If Ты asked me my aqe I probably wouldn't tell Ты endless i trust you.o.O
3.) I don't really lyke people. ._. They're mostly all annoyinqq.
4.) I am really weird and crazy.(x
5.) If I say im okay, im probably not.^^
6.) I am ForeeverAlone<3
7.) I think most quys are douche baqs.(x
8.) I think i have the most amazinqq''
9.) Be a сука to me? I will be one riqht back.;D
10.) Mess with my friends? Ha. Expect Hell.-.-
11.) I don't like drama so keep it away from mehh.c:
12.) Five of my Избранное qirls on this site are: Jenna<3, Diem<3, Justine<3,Kathleen<3, &'...
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posted by LindzyLovesYou
im rulllllyyy bored and hyper at the moment >;3 ledlsajvkbj lsadk bnlakf blajvb ._. i. cant. breathe. i. need. oxyqen. lmao xD jk im qood ;D blaaqaaahhhhhhhh where ish everyonee?.-. whorez.-_- i dont like yuu quys.xD fvHFK circus afro circus afro polka dot polka dot afro :p I HATE YOU!!?? >:) qqqaaaawwdddd i have a headache u_u i need sum Конфеты anyone?c: i quess not....-_- bitch.blah. i need to qo eat somethinqq. или my counselors qnna kill me. o.o xD i wonder how'd she do it >:) i mean, how can yuu kill a lindzy?^^ Ты cant...-.- Im qnna kill her :D theres an idea. :P qod. i need some aspirin. или skittles. .-. either or.(: i think i Остаться в живых my phone quys. >.< me cant find it . :c fuck face Dx screw everyone. hoes. ._. well, emm im qnna stop typinq now. BYE!? >:DD