Little Mix
Could Little Mix be following in the footsteps of the Spice Girls and heading to the big screen a la ‘Spice World’?
According to member Leigh-Anne Pinnock, it’s a definite possibility! The British singer revealed that a movie is the band’s “ultimate dream.”

“But I think the good thing about it is we wouldn’t just do a documentary,” she explained to OK! Magazine. “We’d do, like, Ты know, the Spice Girls movie, ‘Spice World’? It’s like a story. I think the movie would be, like, us in different situations. Just something cool that hasn’t been done before.”

They’ve got other items on their Список of dreams, too; namely, selling out the iconic venue Madison Square Garden. “That’s the ultimate goal,” she said. “We don’t care how long it takes, we just want to do it. It’s a huge thing for us.”

The girls are working hard to prepare for their first headlining tour in the U.S., set to kick off in September. “We Любовь the American crowd and we just finished our U.K. tour, so we’re bringing that Показать over to America and will make it bigger and better,” Leigh-Anne explained.
Bigger, better and еще like Beyonce. Leigh-Anne cited Queen Bey as the girl group’s biggest tour inspiration. “She’s in a class of her own, but we definitely look up to Бейонсе and everything that she does and the passion that she has.”

Maybe Bey could even make a cameo in the future Little Mix movie!
Little Mix