i have some proof that nessie exists!
1. Ты know how some people think hat the comet wiped out the Динозавры well it never сказал(-а) it hit the water!
2. there was a dinosaur called the pleasosaurus
who was not a dinosaur but close
3. there is a lo of рыба in loch ness it could be still around! some people say it not true i think it is and Ты know that movie the water horse how do Ты explain the monster? yes it could have been a very good robot but it swimming? would not it get destroed? i think it is true! i really do! Ты see
other myths are not true because there was a dinosaur just like that so there was something like it a mermaid theres no proof!!! at least there was a dinosaur like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so mabe nessie is a dinosaur not a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!