It was a peaceful, King Dedede-free morning in Pop Star. Birds chirped. Bunnies hopped around. All of the folks are playing merrily, and then there's... Kirby, who was flying in his Warp звезда for the reason of feeling the breeze through his light, розовый skin. Normally, he'd use the Warp звезда as a mode of transportation, but today was the day.

Kirby: [singing] I believe I can fly,
I believe I can touch the sky,
Here in Pop звезда I can fly so high.
On my Warp Star, won't it make me cry...

Unfortunately, Kirby had happened to fly too far, in fact, TOO far that he went off bounds from Pop звезда and flew straight through a city with a tall, A-shaped structure. Even worse, Kirby was too busy feeling the breeze, eyes closed.

Kirby: [singing] Am I flying? Yes I am,
'Cause Frankly, I would not just give a d-

I warned you, Kirby. Before he could finish his verse with god-knows-what, he crashed into the load box of a truck labeled "ACME", and what was seen of him is his silhouette-shaped hole, including the Warp Star, left in the truck. A few секунды later, the truck, unaware of the розовый puffball's impact, speeded off. As it did, the door on the behind the load box flew open, and Kirby fell off onto the road, followed by his now battered and crooked Warp Star. In a temporarily unstable state, he saw tiny Warp Stars circling his round head. What would вверх it off? He now had a white, puffy wig on his head and a puffy, bushy thing stuck on his rear end, meant to resemble a tail.

Kirby delivered a slap to himself to regain balance, and once he did so, got up on his big, red feet, shaking the stars off, unaware of his new decorations. He scanned the entire area around him, seeing a coffee shop, a French couple exchanging tea, a musician playing classy French Музыка on an accordion, birds getting along in a bird bath, and of course, the tall A-shaped tower.

Kirby: Where the puff am I? This isn't Pop Star, it's... so modern.

Kirby spoke his thought, strolling through the city. He is right, this isn't Pop Star. At all. I mean just look at it. Anyway, things were about to turn for the worst when a nearby painter above him, who was painting a mural on the Стена of an apartment, accidentally kicked his bucket of black paint over, making it fall onto Kirby...


Kirby now found himself covered in mucky black paint. He continued striding along as he threw the bucket off from his head, wondering if things could get any worse.

Kirby: Could this день get any worse?

And as expected, another painter above the розовый puffball, painting yet another mural on the same apartment, accidentally kicked his bucket of white paint over, and, like before, fell towards Kirby...


Kirby, having been pissed off about enough already, threw away the bucket on his head, COMPLETELY unaware of the fact that he is now painted to look like a skunk. Ugh, a skunk. Arguably the most stinkiest animal Ты could ever imagine.

Kirby: Perhaps another calamity will make me want to scream for my mama?

Yep, he expected it. A black, white-striped figure pounced and tackled him, resulting in the both of them rolling down the sidewalk much like Tigger when he pounces his buddy boy Winnie the Pooh. They later came to a stop, Kirby falling flat on his back while the figure was resting on вверх of him, holding Kirby by the cheeks.

Only.... it wasn't a figure, it was a skunk! Aw God. He sure is a skunk alright, except he had... a rose in his teeth?! What's еще is that he stared at the poor puffball seductively, hearts floating around his head, and spoke... in this soothing, handsome French-accented tone.

Skunk: Vive l'amour! I have found love. Ze bestest Любовь interest to Любовь me for all eternity. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover. And together, we will frolic in the fields and take a good look at the moon.

Kirby just gulped with a great look of worry on his face. First he got paint on him and now he has gone face-to-face with a skunk. A romantic one alright, and his name is Pepe Le Pew. He isn't going to like this.

Kirby: [in his mind] I don't understand. Why is this skunk Актёрское искусство like he is in Любовь with me?

Kirby then found the answer to his problem; he looked down at a nearby puddle and saw his accidental skunk disguise. He gained a "Yikes!" expression, and just as Pepe, who was puckering his lips, was about to smooch him, Kirby struggled free from the animal's arms and ran off, screaming.

Pepe Le Pew: [turns to the reader] She sure does play hard to get. [hops to follow Kirby] Hey, my petit amie! Why run away, when you've got someone to Kiss your cheeks!

Since his Warp звезда was busted, Kirby had to improvise on running on foot. He ran past a French restaurant, another accordion-playing man (who didn't seem to mind the розовый puffball at all), a group of pigeons pecking at the ground (making them fly away startled), and several trash cans. He suddenly stopped short, catching his eye on the metal trash containers. He knew they smelled stinky, nearly as stinky as Pepe, but since he had no choice, he opened a lid and dived in.

Pepe Le Pew: [enters the scene] Yoo-hoo! My lover girl! Where are you? [leaves the scene] Come out, come out, wherever Ты are...

Then Kirby, despite being inside the trash can, sensed that the coast was clear and emerged from his hiding place.

Kirby: [sigh of relief] I really need a place to clean off this утиль, барахло, мусор on me!

Then, from another trash can, a tall black and white cat, well, not as tall as The Cat in the Hat, emerged with a рыба bone in his mouth. He had long, tufted cheeks like a bobcat and a large, red nose. He was named Sylvester, and he then spoke to the despairing, skunk-disguised Kirby in a lisp similar to Daffy Duck.

Sylvester: Well sufferin' succotash! It's a skunk! Well, a little skunk that's much less imposing than that last skunk I remember.
Kirby: I saw him too! He's chasing me just because of what I look like! And by the way, I'm not really a skunk, I'm a...
Sylvester: Buzz off, buster! I still prefer that you're a skunk! Now run, if Ты don't want to get a faceful of kisses from that darned skunk! Because here he is now! [goes back down the trash can]

Kirby's conversation time with Sylvester was over, because now he could hear Pepe coming at him shouting words of romance. He greatly did not want to suffer being Pepe's girlfriend for life, so he jumped from the trash can and skidded away, Pepe following suit hopping on all fours.

Pepe Le Pew: Don't run away, my lover girl! Pepe Le Pew is here!
Kirby: Stay away from me, Ты French freak!

Kirby ran and ran, panting, until he stopped below a man on a ladder, wiping a wet cloth on the window of his house. On the windowsill which was placed below his window was a bucket of soapy water! Kirby remembered the past incident with the black and white buckets of paint, which made him the target for his skunk pursuer, but despite the fact that this was going to be his third incident with a bucket, he was overjoyed because it was clean soapy water instead of mucky paint, and he hoped it would wash away his disguise and finally force Pepe to leave him alone for real.

Kirby: Yes! Jackpot! That soapy water will make me clean, so that the skunk will have no choice but to quit chasing me!

Kirby's luck seemed to increase еще when, like the past incidents with the paint, the man clumsily knocked the bucket of soapy water off the windowsill. Kirby simply closed his eyes with pride and outstreched his stubby arms to prepare for the big clean splash...

...But his luck suddenly plummeted when, in the nick of time, Pepe, still thinking that Kirby is a girl skunk, swiftly tackled the puffball before even an atom of the soapy bubbly liquid could touch him, leaving the bucket to land CLANK! on the ground and spill soapy water everywhere.

Pepe Le Pew: [seductively] Bonjour, my lover. Now that we're together again, and no one can break us apart, let us kiss. [shows his lips and slowly moves them to Kirby's face]

However, Kirby slipped free from the lover skunk's grip and ran in place in mid-air (delivering several kicks to Pepe's face) before speeding off. A temporarily stunned Pepe stood straight for a few секунды before falling flat on his stomach, then later got up.

Pepe Le Pew: [to the reader] Ça alors, ain't she a stinker? [hops to Kirby]

Kirby ran again for a minute, until he stopped on the sidewalk near a traffic light. He leaned on the traffic pole, taking time to relieve himself. He seriously needed a place to clean off his disguise.

Just then, the light turned green. Kirby took notice of this, but strangely, when he analyzed the highway, there was no trace of a car или other vehicle speeding along. Kirby, despite being astonished, decided to пересекать, крест the road without trouble, but then...


A tall, blue and purple bird, somewhat resembling an ostrich, with long tail feathers, a long neck and a tuft of feathers on his head zipped onto the scene, covering nearly everything with smoke. When the fog cleared, Kirby was spinning around like a top, having stars orbit his head.

Kirby shook the dizziness off and, having no idea what he just saw, tried to proceed, only for a tall, brown coyote with a hungry look on his face run past him and knock him back. To make matters еще unlucky for our puffball, the lights changed back to red, triggering loads of vehichles to speed onto the road. Kirby looked behind him to see Pepe Le Pew sprinting to him with his arms stretched out.

Pepe Le Pew: Come here, my lover girl! Don't be shy!
Kirby: [screams, accompanied by the sound of a horn]

Kirby then returned his attention to the fast traffic, and since he was very bad at parkour, he had to run down the left bent sidewalk. He suddenly stopped again near a mailbox, leaning on it to pant. But since Pepe is still chasing him, it's only a matter of time before Pepe makes him his girlfriend for all eternity...

...But suddenly, the puffball heard the sound of a distant truck approaching. It was the same type of truck that the one Kirby crashed into earlier was, and it was labled "ACME-Brand Water". It then happened to slip on a littered банан peel on the road and make an accidental left turn, crashing into a Стена - with other cars. Kirby slightly recoiled from the crash.

Then, from the impact of the truck's crash, the door on the behind of it's load box, and out flew 80 water containers, the type Ты would see on a water dispenser. Kirby, not daring to Переместить a muscle, watched in awe as the containers flew into the air and slowly fell down towards him...


In an instant, the containers hit and buried Kirby, and there is a huge puddle of all the water they had spilled. Kirby budged his way out of the huge mountain of containers, and once he was back on his feet, he shook some of the water on him off, then when he looked down, he gasped at what he saw...

Kirby: Could it be? Yay! I don't look like a skunk anymore! Woo-hoo!

The impact of the water containers had caused his disguise to be finally washed off. No еще hair, no еще tail, and no еще black and white paint. The розовый puffball let out a sigh of relief and happiness... but then Pepe ran up to the now-restored Kirby, and, not realizing that he was chasing him this entire time, spoke to him.

Pepe Le Pew: Well bonjour there, little fellow. Have Ты seen the most beautiful небольшой попугай, любительская, неразлучник of my life?

Kirby, however, temporarily hesitated to think of an answer to both get what they needed. Then, he heard a distressed meow as he looked at the opposite side of the road. It was Penelope Pussycat, and, as usual, she had gotten a white stripe painted down her back. Kirby then noticed that she resembled a skunk with that stripe, and since Pepe is a skunk, he finally answered.

Kirby: Yes monsieur, there she is, on the other side of the road!
Pepe Le Pew: Je vous remercie, little fellow! [runs to Penelope]

Kirby then watched on happily as the alluring skunk chased the hapless pussycat, who was giving out desperate meows of distress. It was time to go Главная now, but Kirby then remembers that his Warp звезда is broken, или so he thinks...

...The Warp звезда then came onto the scene, perfectly good as new! Kirby gasped with delight as he hugged his mode of transportation.

Kirby: Warp Star, you're back! Oh I promise not to go off bounds from Pop звезда again! [hops on] Alright, take me home!

On Kirby's cue, the звезда then backed away a little and zoomed off from Paris and back to Dream Land.

The End.