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This Остаться в живых Обои contains triceratops.

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 Yes. We know how Ты feel Desmond.
Yes. We know how you feel Desmond.
Please note; this Статья has no season 6 spoilers beyond the 2-hour premier. I'm just compiling this from what has already been addressed in Назад seasons, and what that means for storyline's in season 6.

How time travel works on Остаться в живых
Its been a long discussed theme that 'whatever happened, happened' meaning that the time travel on Остаться в живых is presented as something that cannot be changed no matter what Ты do to try and stop it. This is called link which is time travel without creating a link. However, with every non-linear equation there is always a variable, and as Daniel Faraday put...
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Остаться в живых
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