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Остаться в живых What Are Ты Most Curious About?

61 fans picked:
Is Claire dead или brainwashed?
What happens to Desmond?
All of the above.
(added by csi_lost_fan33)
Why doesn't Sawyer leave the island?
How does Hurley get off the island when he is with Locke and Ben?
How does Ben get off the island?
What happens to Juliet?
(added by blackparade)
 kitkat211 posted Больше года
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megpeg picked Is Claire dead или brainwashed?:
claire is dead man! my theory is that people that die don't look dead and other people don't know they're dead. Think about it, Claire was in an explosion and after that Miles kept giving her weird looks, and Miles can see dead people!!!
What do you think?
posted Больше года.
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HannaK picked What happens to Desmond?:
I also think that Claire died in the explosion.
But I reallly wanna know what happend with Des, all I could think when he decided to stay on the boat was: NO, whatever you do, just go with Sayid!
posted Больше года.
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marissa picked Is Claire dead или brainwashed?:
Pretty much "all of the above" :P
posted Больше года.
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Yukari12 picked Is Claire dead или brainwashed?:
I really want to know what happened to Claire!!
posted Больше года.
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This pick should have a spoiler warning. While I am up to date, not everyone has seen the most recent episodes.
posted Больше года.
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csi_lost_fan33 picked All of the above.:
yea the thing with claire is weird. and i really want to know what's going to happen with desmond. i hope he lives!!!!!!!!! yea and why would sawyer want to stay?
posted Больше года.
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brucas4ever picked Is Claire dead или brainwashed?:
or why sawyer didn't get off the island
posted Больше года.
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blackparade picked What happens to Juliet?:
Of coure I would be the one asking this.. lolz

I just love that crazy blonde!

I really need to see her get off that bloody island and see her sister!
posted Больше года.
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sahour95 picked All of the above.:
every thing is very importent and i need to know what will happen
posted Больше года.