Does he like me или is he being polite?

I like this guy and I have for a while. Whenever we are in the same invoronment he is always looking at me and sometimes loiters to get a chance to talk to me. When I do talk to him, he is always smiling but usually cant make eye contact at first. Sometimes he seems quite flustered and doesnt know what to say. Then one time after that he had prepeared something to sya and we had a longer conversation and he always laughs или makes me laugh and when I do a massive yawn или something he always chuckles at me. I found him on instagram and followed him, his account isnt on private but mine is. After a few days he followed me back but I dont know if he's just being friendly или whether he actually reconises me. He also talks really easily to my mum. I really like him but I dont know what to do Далее as I havent seen him in a while.... help me!!!
 renaxx posted Больше года
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swampbooger said:
I think he likes you
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posted Больше года 
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