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My crush is really affecting me. Everytime when I'm around him I can't stand it because I don't know how to control myself. I was even afraid to Присоединиться in marching band because of him and now I regret it so much. Could Ты give me Совет on how to stop actin so afraid around your crush and not worry about what they're doing all the time
 AloisFanGirl20 posted Больше года
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kicksomebut23 said:
Ты should be around the guy Ты love....if Ты really like him, don't be afraid to ask him out....But be Друзья with him first so Ты can get to know him.....if Ты don't be Друзья with him....why дата a person when Ты don't know if they are very perfect for you?
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posted Больше года 
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