Is there a chance my ex and I will reconcile our relationship?

My ex girlfriend and I have been best Друзья since we were small children (we're both ladies and both now 24) and decided to make our bond official after mutual feelings were brought to light 3 или 4 years ago. Our relationship, like any, had its ups and downs and ultimately, back in April, we got into it over something stupid and broke up. In the beginning, she vehemently declared she was "over" me in that way and would likely NEVER want to get back together with me, but still wanted to go on being my best friend as always; her entire demeanor changed from the sweet girl I knew and loved to someone cold and cruel. I, on the other hand, have suffered immensely and have foolishly kept the faith we might get back together later on down the road.

Currently, 2 months later, she and I are on pretty friendly terms having talked all the way through the break up, and she still spends the night with me but as platonic as possible until the last couple of times she's stayed. These times, she's made an extra effort to touch me/be close to me, not sexually per se, but in a manner that to me might suggest a need coming from her to have some sort of physical connection there. She's much еще consoling to me in Последнее weeks as well, going еще out of her way to talk to me about my daily problems and help me deal with them and share hers just like we used to with one another instead of being the reserved person she'd became with me. And I feel like things MIGHT be looking up and our chances of getting back together at some point at least might be strengthening but I'd really appreciate a секунда opinion.

What do Ты think?
 ladyshela posted Больше года
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writer67 said:
yes I do believe u both may have a chance.yet warieness of how it all ended is trying to b avoided. maybe u need a surprise night out a romantic night out , with msgs along the way , maybe in chalk, along ur walk.
feels like neither of u want to talk of how it eneded, due the nasties of words + actions.
leo sayer, еще than words can say.
not many in life can get a секунда chance, n make it magical. sounds like ur great when ur together,
take care and good luck ms Ladyshela,
maybe some linda rondstadt, how do I make you.
may peace be with Ты both..... *
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posted Больше года 
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