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Ok I've dated a guy named Ross lynch but our relationship didn't end well...........but that was a год and a half назад but he doesn't remember me I think...been long time since I talked to him but heres the story

* my phones rings *
Me: Эй, Ross how are you?
Ross: I'm fine cho how are u?
Me: great!
Ross: good um cho would u like to meet me at the skateboarding park?
Me: yes, I would Любовь too.
Ross: cool meet u there.........bye.
Me: bye.
I asked my mom to drive me over to the park
Me: * walks around and waits for ross*
Ross: * runs to cho ( me ) *
Me: Эй, Ross nice to see u * hugs ross *
Ross: Ты too,...
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i wuz bored so yeah i just put it here!
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