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posted by ultimatefredde
1. Guys for gods sake, dont pretend being something Ты aren´t girls have a sixth sense we don´t have and find out sooner или later

2. Dance!

3.Flirt, they aren´t the only ones who should do this.

4.Tell her what Ты really enjoy in life

5.Help them out when needed.

6.Avoid playing those "Gay games" with your pals, it´s just not right

7.avoid grabbing your "parts" on public. Really.

8.Be original, with gifts, don´t just give flowers, или take her to dinner, also sometimes a card или a simple walk in the park is good to try

9.Be romantic and take shyness away

10. Express your feelings, Ты wont die...
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posted by PftFan99
I walked in class, and one of my Друзья was sitting in the стол письменный, стол that I sit in, when my other friend isn't here, because my crush sits there. I сказал(-а) jokingly, " Get up." She laughed, got up, and said," You're so jealous." I'm like," I'm not jealous. How can I be jealous, if he isn't dating you?" "lawl" I turned around and he said,"Why did Ты have to sit there? Ты get on my nerves." "I don't mean to get on your nerves. WHY DO Ты HATE ME?" I joked. He said," I don't hate you. Ты just get on my nerves." Then I turn to my friend and said," HA! HE DOESN'T HATE ME." Then he says," Oh yeah. And...
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posted by TeamSongz4eva
I remember falling in Любовь with you
How Ты got me to fall in Любовь with you..
I will never know...
I just know that i miss Ты sooo much..
Its kind of funny cuase i never wanted you
Its kind of funny cause i never got to tell Ты one last time...
Even though Ты are a million miles away..
I'm still going to tell Ты how much I care..
I'm still going to tell Ты to laugh one еще time for me...
I'm still going to be there..
i'm still going to say...



posted by irena83
The black rose describes him best.
Dark,just like his world is.
Dark,like his eyes.
But yet,you should take a good look before Ты touch it.
Ты may be hurt if Ты don’t watch closely.
Rose is so gentle,isn’t it?
So be careful,you might be hurt.
Careful what Ты wish,think twice first.
The petals are so soft and sensitive,you should know what you’re indulge.
The black rose is apart,she’s unique,just like he is...
Nobody can see the world he created.
He’s fearless,but he feels.
He’s cold,but he listens.
He’s mysterious,but caring.
He understands,but he no longer cares.
He’s empty,but awake.
He’s lonely,but he knows,without a goal Ты don’t live,
Ты just watch your life fading,without Любовь you’re so empty,
without understanding,you’re still there,in the world of your own.
posted by reneemonique
 Любовь is wonderful.
Love is wonderful.
What does LOVE Mean?

1.♥ One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music. Then one day, Ты will find that the things Ты try hard to forget are already gone.    ­

2.♥ Happiness is not about being immortal nor having Еда или rights inone's hand. It’s about having each tiny wish come true, или having something to eat when Ты are hungry или having someone's Любовь when Ты need love.

­3.♥ Любовь is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off,you will find the shadow everywhere. Friend is who can give you...
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just the way Ты are
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