Kanji Name     小早川ゆたか
Romaji Name     Kobayakawa Yutaka
Gender     Female
Age     14-15
Status     Alive
дата of Birth     December 10
Birthplace     Saitama Prefecture
Blood Type     A
Height     137cm

She has a weak constitution and would often get sick, so she rarely made Друзья in the Назад schools she was in. Because of this, she became very happy when she became Друзья with Minami and eventually other people in her class. Yutaka is very small and always goes on about how she would Любовь to be as tall as Minami, and at the same time Minami goes on about how she would like to have Yutaka's breasts. Yutaka always has her hair in pigtails tied with 2 blue или white ribbons. She is also a bit naive about some things. She also has green eyes and pale skin. It also appears that Yukata is innocent because of her lack of knowledge about ero-games and Яой and shock when her uncle forgot to lock the bathroom door while using it.

It is revealed in Hiyori's notes that Yutaka enjoys the internet (a remark states: "...it's like her toy"). In the same manner it is reveales that Yutaka also likes hot foods (like oden), and animals; and her dislikes include milk, her sickly physique, and aggressive people. She is also noted to be strong at Japanese class; and not suprisingly, she isn't much good at athletics.