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This Luddy Фан-арт might contain пивной бар, пивной ресторан, обедающий, закусочной, and бистро.

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Chapter 07: Back home

Lucas was practically running – Pick up the phone, damn it –

- Fowler –

- Tom, it's me Lucas. I'm out – The private eye was going back to the hotel – Where are my stuff? All the things in the hotel room? –

- A couple of cops where here custoding the place, but now that they let Ты go, they are gone –

- Okay, okay – Lucas was blocks away – And now? –

- Well, there are other guests checking in, we Переместить your things here to my office. Wait; there is someone at the door –

Lucas heard some noises.

- Fowler? –

- …shaved his head…my car – Fowler сказал(-а) but...
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Chapter 06: Bad liar

- Hello – Cuddy answered her phone. She was on her way to the lobby.

- Hi Lisa! –

- Lucas are Ты okay? – She сказал(-а) – Did they let Ты go? –

- No, they are being stubborn and they don't like me – Lucas told her – Did Ты call my sister? –

- Yes. She сказал(-а) she'll sent a lawyer a soon as possible –

- Cool. Thanks, by the way you're my one call – he told her – That's pretty special –

- Okay, uh Lucas; I'm checking out of the hotel –

- Oh, I forgot its Sunday. Are Ты going back home? –

- I don't want to leave Ты here –

- I'm fine. I'll be out of here...
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Chapter 05: Self-defense

- Please ma'am, stand back – one of the police men told her.
- Lucas, what’s going on? –
- Nothing, I’m just like their prime suspect of a murder –
10 hours before…
- Good night Lisa –
- Good night –
Cuddy closed the door. Lucas turned off the tv and sat in the dark and waited for couple of minutes.
His cell phone rang.
- What up Fowler? –
- He’s still in the party –
- Some nerve. Getting drunk on the party of the couple he is blackmailing –
- But why? – Fowler asked.
- His real name is Malcolm and he has history with...
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Chapter 03: Surprise

- What’s wrong with this one? –
Cuddy asked with her hands on her hips.
- Nah…I don’t like the color…it’s too…dark – Lucas answered – The cleavage is perfect, but Ты need a more, I don’t know, lighter color. Blue to go with your eyes –
They were in a boutique.
- What do Ты think Rachel? – The P.I. asked the infant, she just replied.
- Mama bluuu –
- See? –
- Okay, okay – Cuddy сказал(-а) returning to the dressing room.
Lucas cell phone rang. – Yeah, I’m here – he said. – Yes, I found him…wait, Rachel come back here – Rachel walked a few steps...
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Chapter two: Confidential

- Yes, we have your rooms ready Mr. Parker –
The lady in the front стол письменный, стол told Lucas, as she handled him the keys. Cuddy raised and eyebrow when she heard a different last name.
- Thank Ты –
They walked to the elevators with a bellboy behind them. They didn’t have too much luggage.
- What was that about? – Cuddy asked – Mr. Parker? –
- Uhm…nothing. It’s not illegal to register with an alias. I’m not hiding anything –
- You’re a bad liar – Cuddy said. The колокол, колокольчик, белл ring and the elevators doors opened.
- Yes I am – Lucas сказал(-а) very proud – If I was a good...
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Chapter one: Invitation

- …Everything changed. Even the little bad things in the past seem bigger, and the good things don’t shine anymore – Cuddy said
- That’s not really fair – Lucas told her.
They were in his apartment. She was sitting on the sofa, with Lucas Далее to her. Rachel was watching Мультики on TV.
- I know, but that’s how I feel right now – Cuddy sighed – And yesterday I quit my job and put my Главная for sale–
- Why? –
- I don’t want them anymore – Cuddy laughed bitterly – I looked at my life, and all I have was a broken heart, a hole in my home, and a stressful...
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- Ronald? Joshua? – Cuddy says – How about Connor? –
- As long it's not James или Gregory, I'm fine with any name –

Cuddy laughs. It's December and now she is 14 weeks into her pregnancy. Cuddy never made this far with her other attempts. She took the amnio prenatal test, everything is fine. She is scared, nervous, excited and she knows is a boy.

- Lucas, Ты must have some name Ты like –
- I don't know, some names remind me certain people…Edward. We can call him Eddie или Ed –
- No, I had a boyfriend named Ed – Cuddy recalls
Lucas is driving Cuddy back to work. She insists in be treated...
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Cuddy observes the scene around her. The police, the yellow tape, the noisy neighbors, and the forensic team. She remembers when House got shot, when House was a hostage, and of course when House drove his car through her window.
She also recalls when Amber died, because just like now, a young person died for no good reason.
- I think we had enough – Zach, being part of the district attorney office; helps with Kelly and Lucas statement. – We don't need to go downtown, detective –
- Fine by me – the homicide detective says – Besides, we got the guy under custody –
Kelly is sobbing quietly...
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- Are Ты okay Dr. Cuddy? – Jonah, her assistant, asks her.
- I’m not sure, that’s why I’m going to see my doctor –
- Why don’t Ты go with a doctor from our hospital? –
- On my last job I had problems with my privacy. I’m not saying is the same thing here, but just in case –
- Okaaay –
- I’ll be back in час –
It’s late October and Cuddy has an appointment with her Ob/Gyn doctor.
Lucas is tired and cover in dirt. He’s just getting home.
- You’re finally here – Kelly is sitting on the диван, мягкий уголок Чтение a magazine.
- Do Ты have a copy of...
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It turns out the premiere is in October (I only like write fanfiction during hiatus), so I won’t update as fast, lets take our time.
Cuddy likes the thrusting, the heat, and the sweat. She lets go everything and enjoys sex.
She finally moans, louder then normal, and collapses on the mattress.
- Happy birthday – Cuddy says with a big smile
Lucas tries to catch his breath – Best birthday present ever! –
It’s a lovely Saturday morning in September, and today is Lucas’ birthday.
- Does that mean that I don’t have to go to your party? – Lucas’ friend,...
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- Reddy to go? – Lucas is on time to take Cuddy to see a play.
- Actually, no –
Cuddy takes Lucas by the arm and pulls him into the house.
- The nanny it’s late, and I’m in a conference call… –
- Okay, what can I do? –
- Can Ты watch Rachel for a minute? –
Lucas sees Rachel sitting on the living room, playing with some blocks.
- Uhm…I don’t think it’s a good idea. She's not familiar with me –
- Non sense – Cuddy pushes Lucas to the living room – Just 5 минуты –
Lucas sighs.
- Hi Rachel – He sits on the couch. Rachel looks at him.
- Hi – she responds.
- What are you...
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- Wanna go to my place and see the game? – Zach, Lucas’ best friend asks him. The men are in the P.I.’s office at the end of the day.
- I probably should tell Ты now –
- What? –
- I got back together with Lisa – Lucas tells him.
- You...what?... – Zach is shocked
- Yeah, we got back together. I know Ты don’t like the idea…-
- I’m fine, it’s your life Lucas – Zach says – But…but… I thought Ты and the girl that lives in your building, what’s her name? –
- Kelly? –
- Yeah Kelly! Aren’t Ты dating her? –
- No – Lucas Ответы him – Ты don’t like the idea...
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It’s almost noon, and Lucas is just waking up. He spent all night at stake out. He gets up from постель, кровати and walks to his kitchen, when someone knocks at his door.
- Hi – it’s Lisa Cuddy – I hope you’re hungry, I brought Ты lunch –
She walks into the apartment.
- Ergh…Hi Lisa – he says with surprise – What are Ты doing here? –
- Lunch – Cuddy points the brown bag. She sits at the кухня counter. Lucas sits in front of her.
- So you’re just here to feed me? – Asks Lucas –With lasagna apparently –
- I got a job, nice hospital, no management position just me being a doctor...
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The Далее morning Lucas thinks it was all a dream, and Cuddy never called him to “rescue her”. But an early call proves that it wasn’t a dream. Cuddy wants to see him at the hotel’s restaurant.

He dress up and leaves the apartment, on the hallway, Lucas encounters his neighbor, a woman in her 20’s named Kelly.
- Are Ты just getting home? – Lucas tells her
- I had an awful night – the girl grabs Lucas by the arm – I need Ты to console me –
- Sorry, I got work – the P.I. smiles, he likes the way Kelly teases him – Have some coffee, and you’ll be fine –
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A short note: If you’re a huddy Фан and Ты hate Lucas, stop Чтение NOW! Seriously, stop.
Now for the 3 people left, enjoy! Because until the writers of House explain Cuddy’s final fate, I’m gonna consider this fic canon :)

Lucas immediately recognizes the phone number, even tough he erased it almost a год ago, he knows its Lisa Cuddy’s number.
Don’t answer it, don’t answer. A voice in his head tells him.
- Hello? – Lucas finally answers.
- Lucas…Hi – Cuddy’s voice sounds sad – I didn’t wake Ты up. Did I? –
The P.I. look at his watch, its just 15 минуты past ten –...
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May 2010

"Give another one" Lucas сказал(-а) to the bartender.

"okay" The man served him another shot "But Ты better slow down. Ты don't want to end up passing out"

"That's pretty much my plan" the P.I. ansewered "I'm not an alcoholic или anything like that, but tonight I just want to forget this last year"

"A woman?" the bartender asked.

"Yep" Lucas took a sip and then sighed

"That bad eh?"

A couple started to fight. Interrupting the conversation
"You don't undertand!" yell the young woman.
"The hell I do!"
"Hey! Keep it quite over there или get out" The bartender warned them. Then he nodded at Lucas so he...
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