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"Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang" which Marian Rivera & Dingdong Dantes roles respectively,has a great Показать up; if only it is wholesome(General Patronage).According to some viewers,there are a lot of scenes Показ torrid Поцелуи & постель, кровати scenes which is not permittable to be watch или shown by minors/kids/children.
Furthermore, I suggest to the scriptwriter as well, directress to minimize such things, mention above to protect artists dignity/ies as well, children's mind not to be polluted/dirty with such scenes mention above.Let's make our soap operas a wholesome & dignifying one & acceptable to all audiences. Thank Ты & еще power.Godspeed.(Esther D.Romano/Fatima,Gen.Santos City)