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alexmcneice posted on Oct 21, 2007 at 12:50AM

This is really an open debate that I would like everyone to join in with.

I'm interested to find out everyones informed opinions on marijuana. I have tried it once and decided it wasn't for me, although I don't seem to have an addictive personality anyway. Obviously some people on her have decided that they want to take it.

Why do you take it? Are you a heavy user or just a casual user? Do you think you will always keep it up or do you think you'll grow out of it?

I have always thought that there isn't really any harm in smoking small amounts irregularly, for instance, once or twice a year maybe. But I have always believed that it can damage your health if you abuse it, much the same as alcohol or smoking.

What are your views?

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Больше года fly said…
i not sure but here is some side effects
Memory loss
Distorted perception
Trouble with thinking and problem solving
Loss of motor skills
Decrease in muscle strength
Increased heart rate
Больше года Snerkie said…
I don't do it but i've seen a lot of people, friends, loved ones smoke it and it turns into a distraction for them. They will go off and smoke it instead of staying at school for lessons. My boyfriend used to smoke it when i first knew him but he stopped not long after, he told me for him it wasn't an addictive thing, but that doesn't mean it's okay to smoke it. People often use it to take their frustration and anger away so they can just stop thinking, total not good way though.
Больше года alexmcneice said…
some people take it recreationally though. I'm close to people who, when i was younger, smoked a spliff when the went out on a friday night. So that is once a week. Is that worse than people drinking more than the limit when they are out (which we all do!!!even me!!!) ?
Больше года Cinders said…
Hell is a side effect of marijuana? I never knew!

From the Debate Spot:

A few marijuana facts obtained from Drug War Facts.

"Tetrahydrocannabinol is a very safe drug. Laboratory animals (rats, mice, dogs, monkeys) can tolerate doses of up to 1,000 mg/kg (milligrams per kilogram). This would be equivalent to a 70 kg person swallowing 70 grams of the drug -- about 5,000 times more than is required to produce a high. Despite the widespread illicit use of cannabis there are very few if any instances of people dying from an overdose. In Britain, official government statistics listed five deaths from cannabis in the period 1993-1995 but on closer examination these proved to have been deaths due to inhalation of vomit that could not be directly attributed to cannabis (House of Lords Report, 1998). By comparison with other commonly used recreational drugs these statistics are impressive."

Source: Iversen, Leslie L., PhD, FRS, "The Science of Marijuana"

Alcohol alone kills more people annually-- no, strike that, EVER-- than cannabis, and this is NOT because fewer people use cannabis:

"Marijuana was first federally prohibited in 1937. Today, more than 83 million Americans admit to having tried it."

Sources: Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

"According to the UN's estimate, 141 million people around the world use marijuana. This represents about 2.5 percent of the world population."

Source: United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, Global Illicit Drug Trends 1999

If you're STILL worried about your friends (and as a good friend, you have every right to be), then talk to them about it. Just like you would talk to an alcoholic friend, or a smoking friend who coughs up blood.

The Netherlands have legalized cannabis. As far as I know, there have been no complications with drug use in that country since the laws changed.

And finally, if Law and Order SVU has taught us anything, it's that the only reason marijuana was outlawed in the first place was because William Randolph Hurst and his paper mills were threatened by the hemp industry.

Also, I know plenty of people who smoke too. But they also drink, and have done since they were about fifteen or so. They do both of them responsibly. Maybe it's the different cultures, or something else entirely, but we had very few addicts (maybe about one in ten) among a couple recreational users. But I don't know. I came to America and no one in my college freshman year wanted to chill with a beer or have a cocktail just for the way it tasted, they all wanted to get smashed. I drink because I enjoy the flavor of (most) alcohols. My friends smoked recreationally as a way to unwind. In the end, marijuana is no more addictive than alcohol.
Больше года MightyWilliam said…
I do it sometime's , but it's hard finding a seller where I live with out the cops getting involved .
Больше года Cinders said…
Again, it's no worse than what alcohol can do to you. Alcohol, for example, can kill you if you drink too much at a time. Not so with marijuana.

EDIT: I don't think "Hell" can exactly qualify as a "side-effect." If you think smoking is a sin, well then that's one thing. I just thought it was amusing the way you worded it. I was amused. It's like, "Side effects of not practicing safe sex: pregnancy, STDs, and your girlfriend gives your landlord Herpes."
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Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt pass on grass. ;)

Cinders is right, alcohol is worse. MJ is not physically addictive (like nicotine in cigarettes, which are LEGAL)... it's all in your head, man! =P
Больше года emmahugstrees said…
like many things, pot was originally made illegal for economic reasons, the ban on marijuana benefited one man with a lot of money.
the same exact thing keeps the tobbacco industry thriving.

and if i choose between my son or daughter smoking pot or drinking, i'd rather they smoke weed.
it's safer.
Больше года nonames said…
i just think smoking in general is disgusting. I have never tried weed (and im proud of that because therefore my lungs are healthy and i am healthy) but i have tried hookah, and i hated it. Before people jump on me about how its different, it doesnt matter. Its the smoke and the way your lungs feel. I hate the smoking of weed or any other "smoking" object if you will. If it wasnt un-American, i'd say we should outlaw cigarettes, but i feel that doing so would be crossing the line. It would be like the prohibition days all over again but for cigarettes.

In addition, i would never date anyone who smokes. To me its just a disgusting habit all together. In general, as long as you smoke in your own home and dont interfere with other people's rights, do what ever... i'll just be thinking it is and possibly you are disgusting...
Больше года fitzdude said…
hiya ! yeah i suppose im a mid-heavy user- im not baked everyday, but alot. Ive heard opinions, hard facts and evidence from the pro-weed and anti-weed population, but to be honest i couldnt tell you what i believe all i know is i think it is great fun- me n ma gd friends get baked and drunk alot- it probably will kill me young as i have been like this since i was 13- but im havin so much fun with my life ! -plus wat else are fuckin rockstars meant to do eh ? :P
Больше года sophieDP said…
My view is Don't abuse it. but use it!
Больше года fitzdude said…
drug use-not abuse lol
Больше года marijane420 said…
me personally, i fuckin love it, idc wat the side effects r i do it everyday all day for the simple fact of the way it makes me feel.
Больше года xtallcutie said…
I agree that marijuanna is a drug. I *USE* marijuanna, I do not ABUSE marijuanna. I truely beleive it is not as harmful as Alcohol in many ways.

I beleive I will grow out of using Marijuanna as I currently do 2 to 4 times a day, because of it's inconveince to acquire, paranoia of being ticketed by Law enforcement, and my main concern that my future children should not be subjected to it by their own mother. (I am currently single with no children)

WHY do I smoke now? Cuz I enjoy taking the edge off just like others do with a glass of wine, a good book, a pedicure or massage. I like Marijuanna more so than a glass of any fine alcohol or other recreational drug. It helps me with my menstral Cramps, Upset Stomach, Headaches and fatigue. I find it calms me down when Ive been upset and wishing to argue. I am always in control when "USING" marijuanna, I am able to speak well with friends (some of whom have no idea I am under the influence of Mary Jane) I am able to order pizza, I am able to hang out with my family and enjoy their company; when sober their company would be annoying.

I also have QUIT smoking and restarted. Their is no CRAVINGS, or mental Anquish in quitting Marijuanna like some people would like you to beleive. I was able to quit for 40 days. I had no cravings, no impulses to acquire, or physical withdrawals from it.

I also try to use it in moderation. By not smoking before work, or large amount of people conversations. I find it much more enjoyable to smoke with others who smoke Marijuanna, rather than those who do not. I do not enjoy smoking by myself, for whatever I cannot describe.

But I constantly pray and search online for further research to develop in its safety and Legalized use.

LEGALIZE IT --- I am not a criminal. I pay taxes, have 2 jobs, I vote every election, and make an effort to INFORM IGNORANT PEOPLE that Smoking Marijuanna is less harmful than smoking TOBACCO.
OPEN YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Больше года ztara said…
all i know is that, i like doing it sometimes things dont go well but the same applys to alcohol, e numbers and even caffene (sort of). its an amazing stress reliver and i bet the crime rate for the intoxicateds is way down in comparision to alcohol and other drugs.
Больше года ky02121 said…
I've done it a handful of times but probably won't do it again. It has a habit of making me extremely paranoid. I've had really bad reactions, one time I thought I was gonna die and I started crying. It was really embarrassing.
Больше года Dot_Hack said…
If pot makes you have bad judgement then why isn't alcohol illegal?
Больше года ladycroft said…
i'm with darksarcasm it's all in your head, you are the resposable for your actions, if you missed school 4 going 4 a smoke is your decition mj didn't forced to do that

and like fitzdude said, drug use, not abuse

anything you make in an abusive way is harmful, you can think of the smallest thing to the biggest, all abuse make you some kind of harm

oh, also it is proved that mj has a minimal addiction if you smoke ocattionally

Больше года tonyc195 said…
marijuana has been scientifically proven to be non habit forming and non lethal it would take 1,500 pounds of it to od and to be honest by the time you get to a ounce by yourself your probably not gonna be able to hit the pipe again without falling asleep. anyway, i quote to you from the book of genisis, all seed bearing plants i give to you to be used to their fullest extent, so to be honest if you bag on weed your a sinner but im not religous:). also a few other fun facts. alcohol and nicotine are the most common gateway drug be honest did you smoke pot or take a puff and swig first, there are 0 deaths directly related to the use of marijuana in the us, and it would take 250,000 pot brownies to od. if anyone thinks to contradict me and feels like piping up ill gladly give you every source i have on all the facts all of which have been scientific studies.