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posted by Bvb_Sws_TH_BMTH
I know her and she's told me all the songs she will post, so here Ты go!

Ludo-Horror of Our Love
Ludo-Love Me Dead
Tokio Hotel-Girl Got A Gun
Tokio Hotel-Love Who Loves Ты Back
Tokio Hotel-Monsoon
Tokio Hotel-World Behind My Wall
Tokio Hotel-Noise
Tokio Hotel-Forgotten Children
Tokio Hotel-1000 Oceans
Tokio Hotel-Don't Jump
Broadway Karkat-Horns Over Heels
Broadway Gamzee-Little Clown, Troubling Clown
???-Blue Lips
Blutengle-Lucifer (Did I spell Blutengel right?)
Lord Of The Lost-See Ты Soon
Evelyn Evelyn-Evelyn Evelyn
Marilyn Manson-Heart Shaped Glasses
Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Vocaloid-Witch Hunt
Jason Webley-Dance While The Sky Crashes Down
Adele-Someone Like You
Black Veil Brides-Savior
Black Veil Brides-Lost it All
Jason Walker-Echo

Also a ton of songs she wrote herself including Smiling God, When it Rains, How Will They Remember You, and much more!

Thanks for reading!