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1.Hey Ты Do Ты A Map?.... Cause I just got Остаться в живых in your eyes.

2.If Ты were a booger, I'd Pick Ты First ''Muah'' (;

3.Was Your Dad A baker? Cause Ты have Nice Buns[;

4.Hey do Ты like Pokemon? cause I wanna Peek At chu ;P

5.I Остаться в живых My teddy медведь :C will Ты sleep with me :D

6.Can I have a picture of you, so I can Показать it to Santa clause what I want for Christmas. ;D

7. poof!" Here I am, What are Ты other Two wishes c;

8.If I can Rearrange The alphabet I would put Ты and I together<3[;

9.Your body Is a wonder land, I want be your Alice?

10. I Hope Ты know CPR, Cause Ты just took my breathe away xD

11.I must be a snow flake cause am fallen for Ты c;

12.My Любовь for Ты is like a universe, Never Ending.

HOpe YOu GUys Liked It c:
I was so convinced I would never Любовь again a helpless romantic at a dead end.
I bring myself to do it but I wouldn't follow through cause when Ты went away, my сердце followed you.
You left me with some baggage's I couldn't unpack Now it's hard for me to Любовь somebody and trust back.
I even thought maybe I should Переместить outta town far from everything that drag me down.
But it's all the same no matter where I go, My life is Like a re-run the Показать was getting old.
But right before everything fell and hit the ground I met a Boy That flipped me upside down.
He made it easier to love. He's the reason why...
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posted by Kamie_Kiddo
I know me and Ты go way in back, things didn't work out between us and well Ты and I both know that it is impossible for us not to care right?

Ha, what can I say About You! : D
Your just so great and amazing friend In fact ''such a good friend'' That your so sweet and caring && a great listener... Your always there for me.
Ты have my back.

we have had our up and downs but we still stand strong and we are always there for each other<3
When something comes along Ты stand there holding my hand and guiding me thru it all.

Ты make me feel like I am worth while...
that I am worth it.
I have a reason To live such a beautiful life<3

And I just wanted to Thank Ты So Much For Your love, Kindness, Support, and Care That Ты Have Gave Me ....

LOve YOu Louy! ^_^
posted by Kamie_Kiddo
It's Funny How the closest people that you've got are the ones that hurt Ты the Most...
that's when Ты realize that Ты truly have no one. Ты feel like in a place full of darkness , lies and rejections, and Ты just think how on earth did Ты get there.
When Ты thought and felt like everyone loved Ты and cared for you, But your wrong!
there only there so they can make Ты feel bad about yourself and to kill your dreams of becoming what Ты wanna be. Ever since the family problem we had, Ты guys take it out on me.
I guess he is right I don't know anything.
I just wish god could just tell me...
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Dang, this song just memories....
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