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Marvel Comics VS. DC Comics (Single Battle) "The Battle For The Ocean" Namor (Marvel) vs Aquaman (DC)?

44 fans picked:
Aquaman "The Sea King" (Orin)
Namor "The Sub-Mariner" (Namor McKenzie)
 deadpoolfan posted Больше года
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deadpoolfan picked Namor "The Sub-Mariner" (Namor McKenzie):
Aquaman Bio:
Alter ego: Orin, adopted as Arthur Curry.
Species: Atlantean.
Team affiliations: Justice League
Black Lantern Corps.
Notable aliases: "The Sea King, the Dweller-In-The-Depths".
Abilities: Undersea adaptation, telepathy, healing factor, enhanced senses,
Super strength, durability and stamina,
Extra resistance to heat/energy based attacks,
Left hand is made of water and possesses mystical properties.
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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deadpoolfan picked Namor "The Sub-Mariner" (Namor McKenzie):
Namor Bio:
Alter ego: Namor McKenzie
Species Human Mutant, Homo mermanus/Homo sapiens superior Hybrid.
Place of origin: Atlantis
Team affiliations:Dark X-Men
All-Winners Squad
Deep Six
The Cabal.
Notable aliases: Namor the First, the Avenging Son, Imperius Rex, the Sub-Mariner.
Abilities: Amphibious physiology
Superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability and longevity
Telepathic and bioelectrical powers.
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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leslie1060 picked Namor "The Sub-Mariner" (Namor McKenzie):
a lot of info and cool
posted Больше года.
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MoniBolis picked Aquaman "The Sea King" (Orin):
Aquaman is so much cooler than Namor
(wich is sad because they are both kind of lame)
posted Больше года.
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blunger1516 picked Namor "The Sub-Mariner" (Namor McKenzie):
Namor is cooler then aquaman, aquaman is among the lamest commonly known superheroes, second to ant-man
posted Больше года.
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Bond_Of_Fury picked Aquaman "The Sea King" (Orin):

Plastic Man is lamest.
posted Больше года.
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SherlockStark picked Aquaman "The Sea King" (Orin):
Aquaman's not lame! He's my favorite D.C. character!
posted Больше года.