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maximumrider1 posted on Jan 16, 2012 at 04:42AM
pick any (execpt takwn ones v) character and rp your pants off!

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Больше года Maximum-Ride75 said…
I could do angel... ya know... i can REALLY sound like a little girl.XD
Больше года maximumrider12 said…
big smile
Okay awesome! We should just start, I'll be everyone else, until there come. Do you want to be? I am only definantly be Max.
Больше года maximumrider12 said…
Lol last post was a little confusing, what I meant was that you can play other flock memebers if you want to, you can be more then one if you want
Больше года Hermione-Fan361 said…
big smile
I'll do Gasman and Iggy.
Больше года Jiaia said…
I'll do Fang.