Maximum Ride Nevermore: What I Think Will Happen.

Nerdy_n_Proud posted on Jul 08, 2012 at 03:21PM
Who will Max finally choose-- Fang or Dylan?

Pretty positive it's gonna be Fang. I wish it'll be Dylan though, 'cause I really love Fang.

Who is The Voice Max hears in her head?

No matter what Jeb and The Voice say, it's Jeb.

Which Member of Fang's Gang will betray him?

It's Maya. I just know it.

Whose side is Angel really on?

Max's side, duh! I mean, have you read the epilogue in Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel? She CRIES because she's so sorry about what happened!

Is Jeb trying to protect Max and the Flock? OR is he working for the bad guys?

He's working for the bad guys, I just know it.

Will Iggy ever regain his sight?

Heck, no! Again, for those of you psychos who actually LIKE him, NO!

Why did the Flock evolve to be able to breathe underwater?

Um, this I actually don't have an answer for.

Will Iggy and Ella ever be together?

NO! Nudge just seems TOO perfect for him. (Plus Ella is too good for him.)

Is the apocalypse the result of human hatred, a disease, a natural disaster, or an invasion from outer space?

Human hatred.

Can Max really save the world?

Yes, but she'll die doing it. (see next question)

And the most important question of all: who will die? (You didn't think it would end with out someone dying, did you?)

It's Max. I mean, have you SEEN The official website? (

I did not come up with these questions, the answers are the only thing I came up with.

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