Maximum Ride When is maximum ride movie coming out?!?!?!

sweet4sweets posted on May 02, 2013 at 11:05PM
I mean all of these rumors are spreading that its going to come out either this year or next Year but to be honest I want to know the actual date so I can clear out my schedule so will someone please find out the truth!!!!!!!
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Больше года Hot-4-Louis said…
The movie was supposed to come out in 2010, but didn't. Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight Director, was hired, and JP grew hopeful that the movie would be out in 2012. Catherine dropped out and the screen-play writer died soon after in 2013. As of now, there is no sceduled release date. The movie was picked up by Columbia Pictures, and is still under wraps. JP is considering youtube fans as characters, as he stated on twitter recently. So, it is unclear when it will come out, but I predict some time in 2016 with some fresh new faces and some talented new teens.
Больше года natalierg said…
Give me the link where he says he is considering you tubers because unlike all of these other people who are just playing I am EXACTLY like max.