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Jen_angelgirl posted on Nov 08, 2008 at 02:35AM
Hey, I recently had to read "Maximum Ride - The Angel Expiremnt" for a book club i'm in, and loved the book. I know "School's Out Forever" in the second book, but does anyone seem to know where I can read it online, because I really don't have the money to buy the books xDDDD

I'm saving up for the whole set, but for now, i'd like a link or some :D

Also, i've seen pictures of the manga versions of the characters, did the manga come out yet? I'm a GIGANTIC anime fan, so hearing about a manga version to me is...AWESOME!

Thanks lots :3


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Больше года Kai-Hien said…
I doubt you can find the books online. You should probably support the author, wait and save your money, and BUY his books.

Also, the manga can be found in the monthy editions of Yen Plus magazine... volume 1 of the actual series hits bookshelves in January 2009, and volume 2 is scheduled for October 2009, although this may change slightly.

Hope this helps! :)
Больше года Jen_angelgirl said…
Thanks, it really does! I've asked for the second book for Christmas, but I doubt I will get it.