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With Merlin something I personally came to realize is that good and evil in this Показать is far from black and white. Many seem to agree that the good guys truly are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys. I have a different take; I feel like the villains really aren't that bad, they just want some security...some safety...the ability to be themselves. And some of the good guys (yes my finger is pointed at Ты Uther) aren't really all that good.

First and foremost, all the villains seem to just not want to be persecuted. Nimueh being the prim example. This woman just wanted to make sure...
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5. Merlin

Merlin I think has this different sort of handsomeness. He's not your classic blonde haired, tough, physically fit guy. He's kind on the scawny side but I think he's cute enough to make the вверх 5. He has a really nice face and I Любовь his hair. And his eyes I adore his eyes. They are such a brilliant blue. Merlin is proof that a person doesn't have to meet the typical standards to be good looking.

4. Mordred

Don't get me wrong he was a really cutie pie when he was younger, but all things considered I'm not referring to adorable little Mordred. I'm talking about the teenage Mordred....
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Gwen and Gaius scenes, Merlin and Lancelot talk about Arthur's reaction to Merlins magic, Agravaine confirms Любовь for Morgana
season 4
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