kaito:lucia its raining outside,how about we go to my house?lucia:sure
and so they went to kaitos house.when they got there they went inside kaitos постель, кровати room where they got there first sex,witch was last week.
lucia:why are we in your room again kaito?we are not alowed do this again.kaito:why cant we he сказал(-а) in a sweet voice.lucia:because,if hanon and the others find out then....well destiny wont but the others will.kaito:so
then destiny poped out of Болталка places and said:lucias right kaito:fine lucia:and why are we in your room again kaito:i need to Показать Ты somthing lucia:and what is it?kaito:well(he kisses lucia)and lucia was surpised lucia:hey destiny can Ты bring gaito here?destiny сказал(-а) sure in a confused way.so destiny went to get gaito and came back gaito:what? lucia:what does it feel like to have sex? destiny:!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ARE NOT ALWOULD TO CONFESS ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!LUCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lucia:fine.but can Ты close the show?destiny:GOOD BY EVERY ONE!!!!