Last time, Renee fell into a deep slumber and Tsukasa must Kiss her for her to wake up...

Cornia: -sees Decade destroy Kamen Rider Faiz- Poor guy...

Decade: -sees her- Come out, Cornia, i know your there

Cornia: -comes out- Ты have to help us

Decade: why? -picking up Faiz's Rider Belt-

Cornia: Renee fell asleep and won't wake up, and only your Kiss will wake her up!

Decade: How?

Cornia: What?

Decade: How is this my problem again?

Cornia: But... she loves you...

Decade: So? I don't care

Cornia: Ты jerk!

Decade: -walks away-


Decade: -sees Zoey-

Zoey: -gets on knees- Please help Renee! She won't wake up, and your Любовь is the only cure! I'm begging you! -cries-

Decade: -knees her in the chest, knocking her to the ground-

Zoey: -writhing in Pain, crying- Wh... why... Decade?

Decade: Because i don't care... -walks away-

Cornia: -fires Стрела at Decade-

Decade: -dodges it and punches her in the face-

Cornia: -passes out-

Decade: -walks away-

Kikki: -finds them- OMG Cornia and Zoey! -takes them back to Cafe-

Renee: -still asleep-

Bridget: Poor Renee -rubs her forehead-

Zoey: Decade... that jerk!

Cornia: we need him to re-love Renee

Zoey: HE DOESN'T Любовь HER!

Kikki: i think he doesn't

Cornia: How would Ты like to be the Destroyer of Worlds, would it make Ты depressed?

Zoey: your right...

Renee: -asleep-