Last Time, Decade was a jerk and wouldn't help, and he beat the Mew Mew's into submission...

Tsukasa: -walking-

Zoey: -stops him- Ты JERK!!!!! HOW DARE Ты NOT HELP RENEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tsukasa: stay out of this...

Zoey: No! -blocks him-

Tsukasa: i am Decade, Destroyer of Worlds, why do u care about me?

Zoey: I know Ты Любовь Renee, and Ты must help her! Please, she is one of my Friends!

Tsukasa: But why do Ты care about me all of a sudden?

Zoey: Because Renee is happy with you!

Tsukasa: ... fine

Zoey: Ты mean it??? -jumps with glee- Hooray!

Tsukasa: i need to find myself...again

-at Mew Mew Cafe-

Tsukasa: -sees Renee- Renee, i Любовь Ты -kisses her on the lips-

Renee: -wakes up- Tsukasa! -hugs him and kisses him on the lips-

Kikki: awww the couple is re-united

Tsukasa: Please forgive me for the damage

Zoey: Ты are forgiven

Renee: Tsukasa...

Tsukasa: Renee...

Cornia: Renee is happy now

Renee: Tsukasa... there is so much to catch up on...

-A Blue, Different version of Decade bursts in and grabs Renee-

Tsukasa: Renee!

Renee: -screams and cries-

(at Diends Place)

Renee: -crying-

Diend: -tickling her chin- poor little girl, all Ты can do is cry...