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18 curiosities (part one)

1. When Gene Kelly was hospitalized, Michael Jackson sent him a bouquet of Цветы with a note saying: "I have a surprise waiting at home." The surprise was the shoes that had been used in Gene Kelly "Singing in the Rain", bronze and plated with a plaque that сказал(-а) "You're the best dancer in the world." Love, M. J.

2. The sounds Ты hear at the beginning of the recording of "Smooth Criminal" are the heartbeat of Michael Jackson.

3. January of 1997, the месяц in which he visited Hawaii, was declared by authorities as "The месяц of Michael Jackson." Also, Michael Jackson is an honorary member, along with their parents, the tribe of the South African Kabakuenas.

4. The acronym CTE, Michael Jackson used in his shirts and jackets, means "Children Of The Earth"

5. In April 1989, because of a costume Michael was mistaken for a thief in the Zales jewelry of California.

6. The video for the single "Scream" by Michael Jackson, is considered by the гиннес, guinness, гиннесса Book as the most expensive video ever.

The items of expenditure:
Spacecraft computer animation: U $ S 65 000
Gibson Guitars: U $ S 53 000
Effects of morphing: U $ S 50.000
Make Michael Jackson: U $ S 8000
Choreography: U $ S 40.000
Giants Videos: U $ S 80.000
Lights: U $ S 175 000
September 11 scenic: U $ S 5 million
Cost of recording for 11 days: U $ S 636 000

7. The press, even the media considered еще respectable, called Wacko Jacko but he asked not to call him well, even Osama Bin Laden или Saddam

8. Even Elvis, Rob Lowe, Pee Wee Herman, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pete Townsend, and many others have been charged, convicted and even jailed for sexual misconduct. None of them have been victimized as Michael Jackson, even though it has not been convicted или have formal evidence against his innocence.

9. The video "Black или White" was the first to use digital technology to achieve the effect of metamorphosis.

10. Whe he was a kid he distributed Bibles to all the house with his brothers

 18 curiosities (part one)
 goodfeelings777 posted Больше года
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FluroUndies said:
Omg I can't belive number 5 omg I never heard that
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posted Больше года 
thriller4ever said:
i was sooo thrilled to know that those were actually Micheal's heartbeats....thank Ты so much for letting us know the facts. my сердце will cry when I'll hear the song.....the incident happened on June 25, 2:26 pm............
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posted Больше года 
liberiangirl_mj said:
#5 :)) lol!!
and #2... Любовь Ты MJ
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posted Больше года 
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