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18 curiosities (part two)

11.One of his whims, an Oscar for "Gone With the Wind": it cost $ 154 million.

12. I used to get some Фаны in the hotel, where Ты can see with your blue-striped pajamas and red and black surgeon's mask that covers his mouth.

13. The album "Bad" sold еще than 25 million albums, becoming the секунда best selling of the 80s, after "Thriller."

14. In 1985, three years chimp named Bubbles old was rescued from a center of cancer research in Texas for Michael Jackson. From that time spent by all parties "Bubbles Jackson, became his companion and supposed best friend. Who сказал(-а) that the dog is man's best friend?

15. The tape of the right arm that used in several clothing is a way to Показать people the suffering of children around the world

16. Michael Jackson has a strange record: one of his paintings was sold at auction Hiromichi Saeki, a prominent Japanese businessman, for $ 1.3 million, becoming the most expensive painting of someone who is alive.

17. In 1998, a convention of "The 3 Stooges" that Michael Jackson dressed as Arab women attended. At the end of the convention was held the draw for an exclusive consignment of this series, being necessary to win answer three questions. Only Michael Jackson was able to answer, at which time they realized who he was.

18. Michael Jackson does not have a label set and never had support for the promotion of his latest album. Nor toured. Still, is estimated to have sold about 10 million copies of the album "Invincible." For a comparison, Эминем has sold 6.4 million copies of "The Эминем Show." Despite this, and Billboard's readers voted it best album R & B / Hip Hop 2002, the press described as a failure "Invincible."

 18 curiosities (part two)
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